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True Girl's 8 Great Dates for Mom's and Daughters

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8 Great Dates for Moms & Daughters

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8 Gr8 D8s Girl Gab Activities.

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Talking With Your Daughter About Understanding Boys

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8 Gr8 D8s for Dads & Daughters!

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Understanding Boys Girl Gab Activities.

Talking with Your Daughter About Best Friends & Mean Girls

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Best Friends & Mean Girls!

Hopefully you’ve already purchased 8 Gr8 D8s which includes fun mother-daughter get-togethers, if not you can purchase it here. These dates are perfect for one-on-one or a small group of moms and their energetic tween daughters. Each date focuses on one topic surrounding beauty and modesty and is full of fun while at the same time imparting a life and faith-enhancing message.

Video Links
Autumn’s First English Lesson
Another English Lesson for Autumn
Learning to Count

Downloadable PDF Files for
Best Friends and Mean Girls Girl Gab Activities.

Download the Pillowcase Art!

Ready to create “Love Fest Pillow Cases” with your daughter?
Download the Secret Keeper Girl logos by clicking the images below and print it on Avery iron-on transfer paper. Make sure to follow the instructions on the iron-transfer packaging to correctly print and iron the image.
Then let the fun begin!