Season 4

Let’s Talk about Best Friends and Mean Girls

Discover seven secrets of healthy friendships based on 1 Corinthians 13. Learn how to overcome jealousy, respond to sibling rivalry, trust your parents, and—most importantly—form a strong friendship with Jesus.


1. Pursuing Love

Everyone struggles with friendships. In episode one of this season, Dannah and Staci will look to God's Word for help with loneliness.

2. Love is Kind

Dannah and Staci say you could develop a friendship super power. Learn what it is, and watch your friendships grow.

3. Love is Patient

Chances are, you know what it feels like to experience mean girl moments. You also might know what it’s like to boil over with jealousy, anger, or frustration.

4. Love Protects

Talking about the hurtful things someone has said about you is part of unlocking the pain and getting free from it.

5. Love Hopes

While it’s normal to have conflict with your brothers and sisters, God wants you to hope for something better!

6. Love Never Fails

You can make one friend who is guaranteed to never let you down. Find out how to develop friendship with Jesus.

7. Love is Greatest

You'll discover how to set aside "feelings" of love and learn what it truly means to love boys in a godly way.