Season 9

Becoming a Girl of Loyalty

Are you ever tempted to throw out a t-shirt because it’s so “last-year.” How about a friendship? (Gulp.) The world teaches us that we live in a throw-away world. Season nine of the True Girl podcast invites you to become a girl of loyalty. Hit the road with your travel guides Dannah Gresh & Staci Rudolph as they take you on a journey through the book of Ruth. It will encourage you to live faithfully even in the hardest of times. The season is based on the Bible study for tweens titled Ruth: Becoming a Girl of Loyalty.



5 - How is a Loyal Girl Rewarded?

By now you've learned that loyalty is costly! But is it worth it? As Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph teach you another important lesson in loyalty, we will study Ruth chapter 4.


4 - How Does a Loyal Girl Face the Future?

Sometimes the future seems uncertain. Maybe you don’t know where you’ll be living in a year or so. Or perhaps you just don’t know if you’re going to make the soccer team. Today we work through Ruth chapter 3. Ruth sure had questions about the future. Find out how she responded as we visit India in our travels.

3 - How Does a Loyal Girl Deal with Loneliness?

Being the new girl in town can get pretty lonely. As we study Ruth chapter 2, we learn why Ruth was lonely when she began to live in a new land. We'll examine how she responds to it so we can learn hot to deal with loneliness.  


2 - What Does a Loyal Girl Do When Friendships Get Difficult?

We'll discuss just what a loyal girl does when friendships get difficulty and we'll dig deep into Ruth Chapter 1. 

1 - What is Loyalty

How do you walk in freedom? Are toy ever tempted to throw out a t-shirt because it's so "last year." How about a friends? (Gulp) The words teaches us that we love in a throw-away world. 


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