Season 6

The Great Bible Investigation

Put on your detective hat as we investigate some of the questions people have about the Bible. The big one is this: Can we really trust this book that tells us about Jesus? Dannah Gresh & Staci Rudolph stop at various destinations as they embark upon "The Great Bible Investigation." Season six of the True Girl podcast is sure to help your daughter learn to understand and defend the living Word of God!


1. Becoming a Bible Detective

Lots of people have questions about the Bible. Maybe you do, too! We believe you can trust the Bible and we want to help you with that.

2. What’s the Bible and Who Actually Wrote It?

What does a library have to do with the Bible? Join Dannah and Staci today as they pull out their magnifying glasses to look at who wrote the Bible.

3. Why Should I Trust The Bible?

You never know if a cat is going to be cuddly or irritable. But unlike cats, the Bible never changes, and it is completely trustworthy!

4. Why Are There So Many Translations of the Bible, and Which One Is Best for Me?

Dannah and Staci go to a Bible museum to learn about how the Bible is translated and what you should watch out for when you're picking a version of it.

5. How Did the Bible Become One Big Book?

If the Bible was written over hundreds of years, then it wasn't always one book. Why and how did it turn into one?

6. What's a Minor Prophet Anyway?

Do pizza toppings taste better separately or all together? Dannah and Staci talk about that today, but they're talking about more than pizza.

7. Why Is There an Old and New Testament?

When it comes to the Bible, you can't just pick and choose what you like. Dannah and Staci discuss that today.

8. Will We Ever Solve All the Bible Mysteries?

Dannah and Staci explain why solving Bible mysteries is unlike any other detective story.


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