Season 8

The Truth Lab

Today’s girls face a number of challenges: from skyrocketing fear and anxiety, to bullying on social media, to feeling insecure about their bodies. The Enemy’s lies are everywhere. How do you walk in freedom? Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph invite you into the True Girl Truth Lab. Season eight of the True Girl podcast is based on the best-selling book Lies Girls Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free.


5 - Jesus Wants to be the Boss of Your Thoughts!

If your thoughts are the boss of your feelings, who or what is going to be the boss of your thoughts? 

4 - Your Thoughts Are The Boss of Your Feelings!

We've been learning a lot about lies and the sticky feelings that come with them. Here we begin to talk about three steps to overcome lies.

3 - Jesus Is Truth

Maybe you told a lie or did something your parents don’t know about. Don’t worry! There’s something more powerful than Satan’s lies.

2 - A Woman Wanted Some Fruit

A sticky feeling that you feel all the time, every day, might be evidence that you believed a lie. Be careful! That can lead to sin.

1 - A Snake Told the First Lie

From skyrocketing fear and anxiety to bullying on social media to feeling insecure about your body, the enemy’s lies are everywhere. How do you walk in freedom?