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By Lisa Rowell


That old nursery rhyme lied. Sticks and stones AND words can hurt, after all. Your daughter won’t need to look very far to encounter examples of unkind and discouraging words. Our world seems to thrive on saying hurtful and mean things to each other. And she won’t escape the powerful pain of words.

But there’s good news:

Your kind, nurturing words, have more power than the lies of her peers or the world. 

Take time this week to use your words to win the battle waged against her heart. The words you say to her impact how she views herself, God, and her relationship with you and others. Your words matter to her. They matter to God too.

In Proverbs, God tells us that words can be sweet to the soul and life-giving. He even compares wise words to a satisfying meal and deep waters and gentle words to a tree of life.

Yes! God cares about your words and how you use them. Be sure to use them wisely as you raise that sweet girl!

In order to plant seeds of kindness on your daughter’s tongue, you have to set an example by using kind words yourself! So, to get you started, here are fourteen powerful things you should say to your daughter almost every day:

  • I love you.
  • Here’s one thing I love about you today...
  • I’m glad you’re a part of our family because you...
  • You make a difference.
  • I trust you can handle this.
  • What do you think? Your opinion matters to me.
  • What do you want to do differently next time?
  • Thank you for apologizing. I forgive you.
  • I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?
  • I believe in you.
  • I’m listening.
  • You are a helper.
  • I enjoy spending time with you.
  • My life is better because God put you in it.

Ahhh! Didn’t it feel good to read those words? Imagine how they will feel when your daughter hears them coming from your mouth!

Teaching your daughter how to speak kind words doesn’t stop here! This is only the first step! 

Want to help your daughter understand the biblical truth about the power of her words? 

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