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A doorway to all the digital spaces where pornography hides almost in plain sight is right in our pockets or purses.  So what do we need to do when one of our children stumbles upon something they may not even be looking for on their device? This could be a personal one or even one that the school provides.

One of the things that we can underestimate the power of when it comes to finding out our children have seen pornography, is showing them, love. It's so important to simply remind our daughters and sons that no matter what they see online, whether they were shown it or they were drawn to it, they are our precious children. Jesus treats us with love and we want to treat them with love.

No matter how young or old your kids are, there are three questions you must ask yourself:

1. Do you know how to talk to your kids about pornography?
2. Do you have a plan in place to reduce the risk of them being exposed to it?
3. Do you know how to respond if they are exposed to it?

What if we re-word those questions:

1. Did your parents know how to talk to you about pornography?
2. Do you wish you would have been given tools from your parents to reduce your risk of being exposed to pornography?
3. What happened to you when others found out about your exposure to pornography?

We know we can’t change the past but we can absolutely make decisions to powerfully change the trajectory of our own kids. Getting equipped to talk about porn with your kids is one way to change that trajectory. Join Bob and Dannah Gresh with Chris McKenna from Protect Young Eyes in this month's Parenting Workshop, How to Talk to your Kids about Pornography.

You can still register to watch the workshop on demand for a gift of any amount here!  This workshop is available until April 1st, 2023.

We know the effects of pornography can be devastating for families, but there IS hope. If you are looking for help for you and your spouse, join us in the Living Happily Even After workshop for couples is March 20th.  Learn more here.