My daughter believes the lie that she will be left out if I limit her social media? How can I help her have a truth-filled perspective?

First an important fact: Social media seems like a good way for your daughter to connect with her friends on the surface, but the impact of social media for most girls is more negative than positive.  Researchers at Lurie Children’s Hospital polled more than 2900 parents between March and June of 2020 and found: 

  • 68% of parents responded they believe social media affects their teen’s ability to socialize normally
  • 56% believe their teen has an unhealthy desire for attention or approval via social media
  • 67% of parents have felt their teen is addicted to social media

Many parents cited concerns about social media being too sexual in nature, and shared stories of bullying.  If your daughter is left out of these destructive influences, good for her!  A better way to connect with a friend would be to schedule a time to meet in the park or meet for lunch.  Focus on more meaningful connections with friends outside of social media. 


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