What if you and your spouse disagree about how much screen time is right for the kids?

Any time you have a disagreement on any topic, there are three possible ways to resolve it after you’ve both talked about it and had a chance to explain your reasoning. 

I’ll meet you on your side.  Picture a straight line with an X on each end, representing the husband and the wife.  This means that one of you actually goes all the way to the other side and basically says, “After I’ve listened to your reasoning, I think I’ll go with your perspective.” 

Meet you in the middle.  You come to a compromise.  If your spouse thinks 6 hours of screen time is fine, but you want only 2 hours, you settle on 4 hours of screen time. 

Meet you later.  This is when it’s pretty obvious that you are not going to agree in one sitting.  You agree to disagree for the moment, get a good night’s sleep, and pick it up again the following week.  You agree to disagree instead of preaching a sermon and ending the evening angry. 

Perhaps one of you thinks your daughter is ready for a phone at age 10, but the other parent thinks 14 would be a better age.  Ask your spouse, “Why do you think she’s ready at 10?” and really listen and try to understand the other person’s perspective.  You might come to middle ground and land on age 12, deciding to evaluate the situation again when your daughter is 12.  You are constantly fishing for one of these three solutions, no matter what the topic of conflict. 



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