What's the earliest age that I can/should begin to talk to my children about pornography?

This might be shocking, but it's wise to begin when they are pre-schoolers. As soon as you have a device in their hands and are not with them every single moment—and that seems to be earlier and earlier these days—they need a vocabulary to tell you when they've seen a "bad picture." During the workshop, we mentioned Good Pictures, Bad Pictures which is a book that gives young children an awareness that there is danger on the Internet and a vocabulary to talk to you about it. (Think of this kind of like the conversation on "stranger danger" you start with them very early in their life. It will not rob them of their innocence but will protect it when the conversation is presented carefully.) This book was originally created for children aged 7-11 and there is a newer version of it for children aged 3-6. We, at True Girl and Born to Be Brave believe every home should have these books! They get our strong endorsement.


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