Why did you change your name?

At its conception, Secret Keeper Girl was an offshoot of another project, meant to be a junior-ministry based off of Dannah Gresh’s book “Secret Keeper” for teenagers. We never expected it to grow into its own thriving brand, be used to bring over 10,000 girls to Christ and to disciple hundreds of thousands. We’ve seen powerful works of freedom and healing happen in lives through this ministry and we’ve come to realize our “junior” name may not be the right fit, especially since the name “Secret Keeper Girl” is not at all indicative of the work that we do.

We will still offer all of the same great resources, tools, and tour that you know and love, but just with a brand new shiny name that we think better encapsulates our ministry’s heart. We believe that the name True Girl is a more positive, empowering tone, and believe that adopting a more accurate name will increase our opportunity to reach girls who otherwise might say “Secret Keeper What?”. We feel that the title True Girl is a better representation of our mission; In a culture that lies to girls by telling them they have to grow up too fast or be someone they are not, our goal is to equip moms to protect their daughters and raise a generation of girls who are grounded in Truth, so they will be confident in their faith and in themselves, becoming all that God meant for them to be: a True Girl after God.