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by Dannah Gresh, founder of True Girl


A few weeks ago, True Girl lead teacher Chizuruoke Anderson texted me this darling photo of her daughter Ru sporting our new brand ball cap! I cannot stop looking at it. This precious, innocent, content face has refueled me to do what I have been doing for twenty long, hard years: fight for the freedom of our sons and daughters. It was not an easy task when we began. Back then, sociologists were sounding an alarm that the emotional state of America’s youth merited an aggressive response. The average young person between the ages of nine and seventeen was scoring as high on anxiety scales as those who were admitted to clinics for inpatient treatment in 1957.1 Society chose to ignore the warning signs. Things have only gotten worse. The number of youth with mental health disorders has more than doubled over the past ten years, causing a critical epidemic that must be addressed.2


And conversations about gender and sexuality have only complicated and confused an already troubled generation.


But we still believe that God’s Truth can both protect innocent children like Ru from becoming a statistic, and send a lifeline of freedom to the ones who do fall prey to the lies of this world. In fact, we’ve been collecting freedom stories from those you have helped us to set free.


Here’s one of them . . .


“I wanted to share my freedom story with you. A couple months ago I was struggling with anorexia, which caused me to lie to my mom all the time. [It] basically destroyed our relationship. But one day when we were watching the Lies Girls Believe [online Bible] study . . . you said, “Girls, if there is anything that Satan is keeping inside of you, share it with your moms!” I wanted to tell my mom so bad about my anorexia, but I just couldn’t. But the Holy Spirit was convicting me, and about two weeks later I came to her and told her everything. Thanks to you I am closer to my mom than ever before and recovering from anorexia!”

—ELLIE, 13


Yes, problems have grown since we started fighting them in 2000. But because of your partnership and support, so have we! Over 428,928 people have attended our live events, resulting in just over 11,000 making first-time decisions to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

Nearly one and a half million have used our books and resources to grow closer to their children and bring them closer to Christ. We now offer online Bible studies to further our strategic efforts to plant Truth in the next generation. This past spring, our largest online Bible study to date guided about 5,000 moms and daughters through a six-week series to unmask lies, and to fill them with Truth.


Ellie was one of those girls. In fact, since anorexia is often deadly, it is possible her life was saved. Thankfully, the problem didn’t get that far because your generous support to this ministry helped to set her free from that deadly bondage. We always need your help to keep doing what we’re doing, but we need it urgently right now. Changing our name from Secret Keeper Girl to True Girl this year was a necessary step in our fight for freedom. It was also costly in terms of both executing the new brand and weathering the financial set back that comes with rebuilding search engine optimization and trust after such a significant change. This challenge hit while we were still in the building years of our Born To Be Brave event for fathers and sons.

We will end the year with a $110,000 deficit unless you help us finish strong. We have an exciting way for you to help and to send a message of freedom and Truth across our nation. Cedarville University has stepped forward to provide a “wrap” for the tour bus that carries us across the United States and Canada. One side will advertise our comprehensive True Girl ministry, and one will promote our newer Born To Be Brave tour. As a mobile billboard, our tour bus will be an incredible force of brand awareness for us. More importantly, we want it to be a testimony of the freedom stories God has helped us to write through your participation and support. We’re going to place as many names as possible on that bus, starting with Ellie’s. And then we’re going to drive it across the nation as a proclamation that Truth really does set us free! If your son, daughter, or grandchild has been blessed by this ministry we’d love to include their name on the bus. Maybe they’re one of the 10,000 or so who have made decisions to follow Christ at one of our events. Or maybe they’ve been set free from a secret sin or bondage in their lives as our teaching has encouraged conversation with you.

For a gift of any amount over $100, we’ll include their name or names in the final art that will be applied to the bus in January of 2020. What a wonderful way to mark twenty years of ministry, and to help us through this financial hurdle.

This Christmas, please help us “Wrap The Nation In Freedom!” Make your gift now at mytruegirl.com/freedom