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According to a Stanford University study, the average female graduates college with more than 7 sexual partners. What’s more shocking is the number of them that express regret after their first sexual experience. Today, we won’t hold anything back as we tell you what those women wish they had known sooner.   

On today’s episode of True You, we’re diving into a BIG topic…..Sex! We’ll hear Dannah’s story and the thoughts she had as a sixteen year old struggling to navigate this area. We hope this episode provides you with the courage to stand firm in God’s design for sex and helps you walk in freedom if you’re carrying shame or regret from choices you’ve made in your relationships.  Check out today’s segment: 



If you’ve wondered why it’s necessary to set boundaries in your dating relationship, here are a few passages we hope will provide you with some understanding. Look them up, write them in your journal, memorize them, and dive into the Truth of them!

  • Ephesians 5:31, 32
  • Genesis 4:1

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