How Do I Talk to My Daughter about Her First Bra?

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl

Where is your little girl getting her introduction to bras? Let’s face it, a Katy Perry music video might not be the best source of information for your growing girl. Unfortunately, media is where a lot of girls are getting their introduction to “grown-up” things. Through modern media, our little girls are being pushed to grow up at younger and younger ages. Make-up, suggestive clothing, and over-sexualized dolls are being marketed to our little girls. Sexy bras are just one more thing in the lineup. Let’s be realistic. A nine-year-old doesn’t need padding. But more stores are selling push-up bras to your little girls, many of whom don’t have anything to push up! Chances are, even if your daughter isn’t already wearing a bra, she is feeling pressured to.

So how do we introduce our girls to bras? And how do you combat this pressure for frills and padding?  Let’s let our daughter’s body, not society, dictate what she does and does not need. Aside from a bra, your girl will need a wise and Godly basis for understanding her changing body and the functionality of a bra. That’s where mom’s mentoring comes in! Don’t lose this opportunity to connect with your daughter (even if it’s over something like hygiene and bras).

It can be tricky to find something age-appropriate for the little girl that she is. (We also understand the conflict that can arise in shopping settings when trends are telling your daughter something that you don’t agree with.) For this reason, we’re so excited to announce our partnership with a brand new company called Delicate Seams. Delicate Seams is committed to functional and appropriate undergarments for tweens, and just launched recently!



Once you’ve found the right bra, it’s time to get talking!


A few main discussion points to hit:

  • Encourage her that her body is uniquely designed by God! Her bra size will be unique to her body, and may fluctuate throughout life. As we like to say at Secret Keeper Girl, “the hills are alive!”
  • Her perfectly designed body was designed with a purpose! Talk about the anatomy details of how her body is changing. There are a lot of great resources available like It’s Great to be a Girl! by Dannah Gresh. Discuss the functionality of breasts, and that if she ever becomes a mom they will be a tool for bonding with and nourishing her baby!
  • Set the foundation for her to have God-fueled body confidence to combat cultures lies and pressures about her body. Unfortunately, at this point in their development, girls are often subject to comments from classmates about the noticeable change. Equip her to deflect these types of encounters! Encourage your girl that this change is what is right for her body, and that she can be secure in that.

If you feel overwhelmed about guiding a girl through her changing body in a world that is spitting lies, insecurities, and sexual immorality at her, check out Dannah Gresh’s Raising Body-Confident Daughters (8 Great Dates). It’s a great tool to get give you the confidence you need to give her the confidence she deserves!



Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girl Tour is a faith-based mother-daughter connecting experience. This 2 1/2 hour event features two fun fashion shows that demonstrate modesty and true beauty, deep Bible teaching, live worship, and stories that help girls aged 7-12 embrace true beauty and modesty. Incredible balloon sculptures, mother/daughter conversation time & colorful confetti cannons make the night unforgettable. 


Mary H. - April 27, 2012

We have been experiencing this exact issue! My 11-year-old daughter has been wearing a bra for about a year, and we had such a difficult time finding a good bra that wasn’t adding too much. Why in the world do they make underwire bras for a 30AA?? I was, in fact, very shocked to find a great bra at Justic, and then more at JC Penney. I like her to have a little bit of padding to keep things, uh, hidden; but underwire and push ups?? Craziness!!

    Ella - February 17, 2016

    I am 11 years old, and i have a ‘cami bra’ from old navy. However, I am starting to grow out of it! ? My nipples show through and I am very self conscious and I worry that people notice my breasts poking out. I don’t know how to ask my mom to get me a new one, and i am worried she will say no or that i dont need a new one. My breasts hurt when i run, so should i ask to get a sports bra? Any tips would be great! Thank you!

      Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - February 22, 2016

      Yes, definitely go to your mom for advice and support! Explain to her that you feel self-conscious and she’ll understand that you’re still growing. Main thing to remember is to keep open communication with her. She’ll appreciate that.

        Anonymous - April 3, 2016

        I’m 11 and don’t have anything to fill a bra,but still don’t feel secure because my nipples show through my shirt and I have to wear a thick jacket to cover it up and I don’t know how to tell my mom

          Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - April 8, 2016

          Hey Noel,
          Thanks for the update on the whole shaving thing! And I think the way you handled that, by having an honest conversation with your mom, is the same mindset you should have when talking to your mom about a bra. Just talk to her – just like you did about shaving. Tell her you need to talk to her about something that is important and have an honest, respectful conversation with you! Good luck!

          Fiona Joy - April 9, 2016

          I real the same way

          Ayoto - May 7, 2016

          Just tell her u need one but get a training bra I’m 11 yrs old and I have a padded bra ( I don’t think I need a padded bra but my mom bought it for me not me) but tell her or if u have a phone text her it because u need one sooner or later!!!

          Celine - May 14, 2016

          I’m Twelve years old and I have really big breasts for my age and my mum and I can’t find the right size for me and the first day she got me the bra I’m using now I knew that it was too tight and didn’t fit me but she said that it would get bigger the more I wore it but that didn’t happen and it’s getting tighter, What do I do? I think most of my friends are size C or something and they recommend that I get measured for a bra but I’m not sure
          What size of bra do you think I should be using at age 12.

          Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - June 30, 2016

          Celine, you should get sized by a professional (at a department store) and get a bra that is good for you and will support you. Bras don’t have ages on them, my friend. If they fit you and you feel comfortable and supported in a certain one, get it.

          Melissa Elvidge - May 29, 2016

          You probably need a sports bra! Talk to your mom, she was once your age and knows what your going through. She’ll understand!

      Angel - March 4, 2016

      Charmaine’s answer is right on. Definitely go to your mom, if you haven’t already. As the mom of a 10 almost 11 yr old runner, you definitely need a good sports bra for running. Go to a local sporting goods store & try on several. I have my daughter take several different kinds & sizes into the dressing room. Then I have her run in place or around the dressing room if its a larger room. Then she can choose the one or ones that support her best.
      If you can, also get a couple of regular ones for when you are not running. My daughter prefers the ones from justice, with a little padding to keep everything hidden :). They are similar to the ones pictured above on the left. I hope this helps!!

      Jema - March 6, 2016

      Yes I am 11 -12 and if ur over 35kg u should get a bra from big w with a little bit of padding so ur nipples done poke through

        Annika - April 28, 2016

        I am 11 and I weigh like 50kg and I need a padded bra or my nipples but there are 5-7yr oldsat my school in sports bras

      Averie - June 11, 2016

      You should definitely ask her! Although it might be awkward and uncomfortable to ask her at first I promise you it will get better. It was the same way for me, although my mom noticed and then took me to the store to get a more supportive bra. I suggest to go up to her and tell her your concerns, most moms will then proceed to shop for a better bra, but if your mom won’t budge, really express the idea how uncomfortable you are and how you feel exposed. I’m probably late on telling you this, but I hope it works out for you!

      Sarah Begum - June 29, 2016

      Okay first things first ask your mom and if she says no get them yourself and remember get children’s large.

      Lucy - June 30, 2016

      I’m 10 years old i don’t know why I’m on this web site but I wear sports type of bras but when I take my bra off after 6 hours (usually after school) my boobs become bigger then after maby an hour or so they go back to normal size I don’t know what’s wrong.I can’t ask my mum because o don’t have one and my dad doesent really understand.

      Olivia - July 24, 2016

      I would just ask her I was scared to ask my mom when I got my first padded bra. Just tell her how you feel at first my mom needed to think about it but then she took me shopping and showed me some things so don’t be scared to ask her I’m sure she will understand how you are feeling.

    natalie - February 23, 2016

    yes. it’s hard.

    Layla - April 25, 2016

    hi Ella if your breast hurt while you run ask your mom to get new bra and a sports bra, you may have to change it while your run but thats not your faulgt.
    Talk to your mom she probably went through the same thing plus she had you

    Dpap - July 13, 2016

    I’m 10 and I need help getting the perfect bra! My mom bought me new ones but they don’t fit I try asking her she says I already bought you new ones! And I told her they don’t fit me

      Dannah Gresh - January 20, 2017

      If you are not comfortable, keep asking her. It’s really a challenge to get the right bra size but once you get it, you’ll feel comfortable. Some places will measure you so you can get the right size. Go there!

Sarah - April 27, 2012

We had luck at Kohl’s, on a good sale too. They had quite a few with underwire…huh? But we managed to find a few that were only lightly lined, not push up. The light lining makes for a smooth profile, cause my wonderful 11 year old is developing and does not want to feel self conscious.

    Uma - March 7, 2015

    My 10-year old daughter needs one but don’t know HOW to ask her.

      Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - March 12, 2015

      If your daughter needs one then you already have the answer to ‘how’! Make a date to take her to your local department store in search of a bra that she need and will be comfortable in. Doing this in and of itself will get the conversation started. And keep in mind that every girl needs someone to frankly and wisely discuss these types of things with her. Don’t feel nervous or embarrassed. As a woman who has gone through this herself, you’re quite qualified to bring this up 🙂 Ask the Holy Spirit for help and the words to say then just do it!

      Sage m - June 22, 2015

      I would be straightforward and tell her I think that u r old enough I am 13 now but by the age of 10 I was a 36 B I thought it was weird to wear bras at my age at first but if you find the one that’s right for you you’ll forget you have it on

        ray - January 7, 2016

        My eleven year old daughter wants a bra and I got her one. Now I think she needs more paddingi just dont know because she has stuff to hold but shes just developing should I wait

          Katie O - February 11, 2016

          Ray, my daughter just turned twelve, so our daughters are in similar places. I have gotten my daughter 2 kinds of bras. A few of the simple stretchy “cami bras” pictured above and 2 lined/lightly padded bras like the darker pink bra from JC Penney pictured above.

          My daughter wears one of the lined/lightly padded bras when the dress or shirt she is going to wear is thin. And she usually wears a cami bra when her clothing is thick. Although, when her clothing is thick she doesn’t actually need to wear a bra, but she feels more comfortable always wearing a bra when she is outside of the house. I think that she feels that it is the appropriate thing to do. And also, it is what her friends are doing.

          When getting your daughter a lined/lightly padded bra you should make sure to get her at least one that is a neutral color that will not show through thinner clothing. I got my daughter one in a cute pink pattern that she really likes and one in a neutral very light grey.

          Good luck. How great it is that you are such a caring and thoughtful father.

        Katie O - February 11, 2016

        Sage M,
        I think that it is wonderful that you are willing to share your experience with us moms. The perspective of another teenager is quite helpful to moms trying to do the best things for their daughters. Also, i hope that you are very proud of your strength and your confidence. It is impressive that you, at such a young age, are so well spoken and open about who you are and your body. Good onya.

      Girl12 - August 23, 2015

      All of these depend on the girl
      1.) take her shopping and ask if there’s anything she wants
      2.) get straight to the point and tell her that she is growing up now and ask her if she feels ready to wear a bra
      3.) let her come to you. If she hasn’t asked you yet that could mean two things: either she doesn’t feel ready to wear a bra yet or she is just nervous to ask you
      4.) if you think she’s just nervous to ask, you can just remind her if there’s anything she wants to talk about you’ll be there.
      5.) order a few bras in different styles – I recommend gap justice target or old navy then give them to her and let her know that when she feels ready…
      Hope this helps!!

      CLESHA - January 7, 2016

      Just buy one and the say put this on and keep it on

LG - April 27, 2012

I LOVE SKG and always agree with everything said and written. However, when talking about the padded bras from Justice with the removable padding, you said something that shocked me. You said, “Justice has some bras where you can remove the lining, so you can put it in when she needs a little something extra…” When and why would a tween “need a little something extra?” And, since there are other appropriate bras out there, I wouldn’t even want to give the Justice bra as an option just because they offer the unneeded and inappropriate inserts.
Thanks for the otherwise helpful information, but I hope you will consider editing or deleting the information about Justice. And, thanks for all you do!

    skg_admin - April 27, 2012

    Hi LG! The “little something extra” isn’t meant to add size or push up. Its intent is to give a thicker covering. Some moms have expressed concern that, with thin cotton training bras, their girls’ developing breast buds are still uncomfortably visible through some shirts. The removable lining gives a “little something extra” when needed to cover and keep those girls modest!

      Tina Solorzano-Cruz - February 10, 2016

      I also took the extra something as coverage for the little buds! It’s all good – writing is sometimes hard to decipher! 🙂

    traz - June 23, 2014

    I took the comment as extra coverage not padding.

    KC - August 30, 2015


    I’m a thirteen year old and currently only wearing a 32A, but I’ve been wearing a 30AAA for a while now, and it’s nothing bad to have “a little extra”, even as a tween 😉

    Just kidding, I think it’s totally inappropriate to have a push-up bra on a ten-year-old, I don’t even wear them now, but I think it’s to have a little coverage. By the time I was eleven, I was needing padding just because you could often see right through my bra and my shirt.

      jemma - January 1, 2016

      With 10 year old they don’t likely need a push up bra. When you buy a bra for a ten year old make sure that if you find a lovely bra that’s padded make sure you can take out the padding.

      Hope this info helped,

        Jamie36c12 - March 4, 2016

        Girl I started wearing a bra when I was 8 by the time I was nine I was wearing a 32a I’m 12 now and I’m wearing a 36c and I think it’s normal bc most of the girls at my school have big blobs like me so it’s perfectly normal unless you and your mom are part of The Itty Bitty Titty Commitie

      ambry - January 13, 2016

      i am with you when i was 10 you could see right thought my bra with out padding the padding is not there to make them bigger it is there to not show there nippels

        Jamie36c12 - March 4, 2016

        Amen sister preach

    Tami - March 5, 2016

    We had to have the padded bras for “extra” material to hide the nipples that stuck out.

    Marie - March 6, 2016

    I think by something extra they ment when they start to get a little bigger breasts, but I do see your point

Jen - April 27, 2012

SKG is right about the Justice bras. The lining or “a little something extra,” is NOT padding to increase her size or meant to use as a push up. It’s only slightly thicker than the bra material itself. My daughter has only been able to use Justice bras b/c of that wonderful lining, otherwise the bras are still too sheer of a fabric & she may as well just wear a tank top. I do not agree w/the underwire push up bras that are geared towards developing teens & tweens. However, I want my daughter to be comfortable w/her body & w/normal bras, she is not. I recommend the Justice bra line!

rebecca - April 27, 2012

My 11 year old wears Justice bras because of the extra removable lining.It is the only bra we found that covers what you don’t want seen with out adding to her like a padded bra would. I do recommend these bras!

Kelley - April 27, 2012

We put off purchasing bras as long as possible. We used camis underneath my daughter’s clothes for a good two years before she finally (at 11 1/2) needed thicker coverage to smooth out the details of her bust line. The justice bras have been my pick because of the ease in sizing and the modest padding they offer. Thanks for these other options and for all the information you provide!

Laura - April 27, 2012

Thanks for this post. My daughter and I are going bra shopping for the first time tonight. So this info is helpful. I’m new to Secret Keeper Girl, and I’ve found so much great advice. Thanks again!

Amy Storms - April 27, 2012

My girls are 9 and 11, very petite, and I really don’t think either of them need bras yet. However, many of their friends wear them already, and my girls want bras so badly. 🙂 I don’t want to make them too grown up too fast, but I also don’t want them to feel awkward and embarrassed, either, for not having bras. Thoughts? As always, thanks so much for all your help! Where would we be without you? 🙂

    Lisa N - June 24, 2014

    Amy Storms – My oldest daughter is 10. She began developing at 7, so she has been wearing a bra since then. My younger daughter just turned 9. She doesn’t need a bra yet. When her sister started wearing a bra, she wanted to also. I purchased her a couple of little bras. She wore them daily at first, now she hardly does. I leave it up to her to decide if she wants to wear it, until the time she needs it. It was mostly that she wanted to follow her sister, and I saw no harm in it. She will wear one someday.

    I have purchased some with the removable pads for my 10 year old. She likes them better because they cover a little more than the thin ones. I have purchased Justice and from WalMart. My local JC Penny’s store only had push up bras.

    I do know that it is hard to purchase bras for 7 year olds. Not all bra straps adjust small enough. Most only adjust a couple of inches, so I had to check the straps before purchasing.

      MG - January 29, 2016

      You should get your child some bras from justice. They have bras for everyone, even for the smallest of children.

      Bella - May 30, 2016

      Well I stared wearing a bra at 10 and it was like perfect timing because I felt left out the next day I was going to wear a bathing suit top? But just get them bolt ha cami prolly get a cami for the 9 year old at old navy and get a braw from justice and take the padding out or leave it in because the brakes from justice don’t give any shape they just give a layer so nothing pokes out I am 12 now and I wear 30A Bra size so they will grow soon. And there is no harm in wearing a small braw to fit in

    Ammonium - October 15, 2015

    Hi Amy, I am a girl about 14 myself. For your girls you definitely want them to get a bra before 6th grade starts.
    When they change in the locker room they will need one wether or not they are physically ready.

      Hammy - May 15, 2016

      They don’t need one, a few girls in my school don’t wear one because they are still not developing and they are comfortable changing in front of all the other 6th grade girls without a bra. It depends on whether they don’t feel comfortable without one or if they want one.

    MG - January 29, 2016

    I really think you should get them crop tops or training bras if they want to just feel grown up. But, if they really are growing, you should really get them one.

    Marie - March 6, 2016

    My personal opinion is to just maybe get them the training / Cami bras, they are very small and modest ?

    Brooke - March 8, 2016

    Hi I’m 11 and I wear a bra if they want one get one for them it is emerassinf not to wear one when everyone else is

    Ella - April 17, 2016

    As a 13 year old girl i know that when i was that age, i wanted to feel grown up and i was scared my mum was going to say no but she didnt and i was thrilled with my first bra so i would get your girls training bras and work your way up from there

    petunia rosemarry - April 19, 2016

    Just get them a training bra, this should get them ready and they should not be embarrassed in front of their friends bc at least they have something.

Valerie - April 27, 2012

Target also has nice “athletic type” young girl bras. They are the only ones my daughter (age 10) will wear, they are like a sports bra only not with the thick straps. (they sell the same ones in the ladies section only the price is double!)

    KC - August 30, 2015

    Sounds like a training-athletic bra. I’m thirteen (32A) and often wear them as well because they’re so comfortable and I don’t need much “support” anyways. They’re great, especially for younger girls that feel awkward about clasps or bras in general.

Barbara - April 27, 2012

Perfect timing. My 10-year-old daughter is growing out of her first set of bras. I saw some cute ones at Fred Meyer’s in her next size — if they were for me!! A little too old of a style for her, though. Thanks for the info. We live in a smaller town but we do have a WalMart so guess we’ll be heading over there.

    Chelsea - February 6, 2016

    Hi everyone as I am 13 myself I am a size 12A ad u am only small I still prefer bras instead if crop tops the supply more support and comfortable fitting I get mine from best and less or even k-mart….! U guys should so try them stores for bras for ur daughters
    And just remember when u ask ur daughters don’t be nervous jut ask them and bring it into ur conversation smoothly and maybe show them examples that r in isles or even on the internet to get them uses to the idea of wearing one and let them know they won’t be the only one wearing them…..?
    I hoped my information helped.?

Cherie Hunchak - April 28, 2012

In Canada we found some good ones at the Bay – they had a little padding which not only hid any budding “shape” but actually gave some protection. My 11 year old was feeling very tender and the little bit of padding provides some protection while playing and rough-housing as 11 year old girls still love to do some times! 🙂

SOAgirl - May 8, 2012

Im 12 and I wear a big B cup. I started wearing a bra when I was eight because I was an early bloomer. I got my first cup bra in 4th grade and grew out of that pretty fast. At this point I really hated being a girl. Two years later I got my period. They started growing like crazy. These bras are good for beginners. 🙂

    Lauren - June 11, 2015

    I’m 12 and I’m growing out of my bras and my best friend and I have about the same bra size and she shops for hers at VS Pink. How do I ask my mom if we should go there? My best friend is only 1 cup size bigger than me.

Scarlett - July 9, 2012

Thanks for this information. I am about to take my 11 year old shopping for her first bra. I have been doing some shopping around before just to see what was available. As a mom, I just want to make sure I get it right. From what I have seen, I was leaning towards the Justice bras. This blog and the comments have helped alot. Thanks!

Selene - March 5, 2013

Appreciated and shared! Truly and answer to a prayer. Thank you! I’m sure this will go in my “permanent collection”. Great work!

Pam - March 23, 2013

I doubt anyone will read this, but I need to push back on the couple of people who decried underwire and push-up bras in size 30AA. I’m a 30AA. I’m also turning 30 years old this year. Small bras aren’t only training bras for young children – they’re the actual bras that some of us grown adults wear. So please remember that just because your 11 year old isn’t ready for that particular style of bra does not mean that style of bra is completely inappropriate and shouldn’t exist.

Megan Foster - April 16, 2013

Any chance of some hints for readers outside the USA & Canada (after all, Focus on the Family, which publicises Danah’s books broadcasts worldwide)? Just to put my two cents from New Zealand in, Farmers has some good first bras out there.

jenn - June 23, 2014

I have put my daughter in ‘unders’ as we refer to them…at the age of 8. She doesnt have breast buds but she will probably have a growth spurt soon and has extra skin/baby fat in that area. We put tank/cami style on her to cover and make this area less noticable and also because arm holes are cut too low or necklines that dont keep their shape. We don’t make it a big deal and treat it as underwear. We wear it to cover up and to create smooth lines. She understands that we want her to be modest. Even when she wears a dress(she loves to wear dresses daily) she puts on gym shorts in case to not show anything.

Jen - June 23, 2014

My daughters have been wearing the bras in thus article for about two years. Where do you recommend we look for the next step? Maybe a hook in the back, but still thinner material.

Also, I think it’s OK that they sell bras in size 30AA in underwire with padding, but not in the children’s department.

rradiomom - June 23, 2014

Another tip is to be prepared to buy several different types of bras until your girl is comfortable! We have tried racer back (no), sport (no), pretty designs/colors (no), little bow embellishments (no)…haha! My girl likes hers plain, white, and not fancy in any way, shape, or form! 🙂

Carol - June 23, 2014

I would really love more information but where do I find it?

My daughter graduated out of the cami bras — my daughter was self conscience because of lack of coverage due to thin material. Unsure where to go to get her properly fitted another mom recommended Aerie. She is wearing a 32AA according to the young lady who measured her at Aerie. And so we bought 2 bras. They have a thin padding (just what we were looking for! Modest padding that the cami bras were missing). They do have underwires (I have no idea what underwire does in a bra even though my bras have them) and I do not see the Aerie bras as having any kind of a “push up” effect. I might look at other brands of bras without underwire just to let her compare.

Navigating the bra world is hard for me for myself… for my daughter it’s a learning experience!

AKT - June 23, 2014

My daughte is almost 13 and still hasnt’ hit puberty. She wants to wear bras that make her appear to have small breast. And gets really upset when I make her wear a regular bra or no bra. What should I do?

Gwen - June 23, 2014

My daughter is very thin and tiny but needs to have a bra to cover up…..we found Maidenform Girl is a great fit. She likes then because they have pretty patterns and don’t have the “itchy material” in them 🙂

    Siena robinson - July 1, 2015

    I just went shopping for my 12-year old and I took it home and she loved it and it fittes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amy - June 9, 2016

    I love Maidenform too!

GraceisSufficient - June 24, 2014

I just went bra-shopping for my 11-yr old this weekend. She has graduated from the cami-style and now needs more support and coverage, she was starting to bulge out of the camis. I measured her at home and found she is a 30A, so went looking for that size. Sears had some in the Girls Dept that were made by a division of Maidenform in her size. I bought some no-wire and some with wire. I only bought white and tans because I have taught her that underwear should not have designs, you are not showing it to anybody (when she is ready to marry, we will discuss lingerie). I am not opposed to the “padding” because it is a lining to prevent show-through, which she needs; it is not “push-up” type padding, I hate that even on my own bras. I believe I will encourage her to wear the underwire ones as a “training” tool, because one day she will need underwire for extra support — I got to the age where wireless was not enough. If she finds the underwire bothers her, it is very simple to just snip the wire pocket and remove it without damaging the structure of the bra.
Thank you, SKG, for providing helpful information. I appreciate all your articles about modesty. I have a copy of the Truth or Bare Fashion tests posted on my daughter’s wall.

kristin - June 24, 2014

my 10 year old loves wearing her sports bra. she’s got a couple different colors, and under alot of her clothes it just looks like a layered tank top look. it just works for her. she came up with it on her own from playing sports, but now she wears one every day. not sure what the “next step” is, but atleast we are doing well so far!

Jennifer - August 11, 2014

Fun Fact; Some girls need the padding to keep their breasts up.

When I was in 7th grade I was a 36 DD. Unfortunately my mother was more concerned with figuring out how to cover up my breasts than properly support them. After a difficult discussion, I finally convinced her to allow me to shop at the much-shamed Victoria’s Secret. They properly measured me and put me in a bra with a decent amount of padding as well as an under wire. The bra made my wardrobe fit much better, even enhanced the modesty, and gave me an increased level of self esteem as I was no longer sagging around with breast sweat.

It is also worth a mention that buying prettier more “designed” bras helped raise my tragically low self-esteem. Even though I was the only one seeing the undergarments, it made me feel prettier and perhaps prevented a reliance on men to assure my sense of beauty,

Girls - December 9, 2014

My 10 year old daughter one time tried to cut her underwear to make a strapless bra. But I caught her wearing it. I’m wondering if she want a bra. Because if she wants one I will buy her one. But I think she is afraid to ask me. All her friends wear bras and she doesn’t. What should I do?

    Dannah Gresh - February 19, 2015

    Ask her if she wants a bra. If she does, go get it. Ten is not too young. Lots of ten year olds have breast buds or small breast and require a bra. (Back in the day, girls got “training bras” before that happened so they were comfortable iwth them.) You might start with one that is just a simple one with little support. But if she wants it, is there any harm in getting her one?

Kate - January 3, 2015

My daughter is 13 and she is too big for training bras and lightly lined bras , they don’t cover and don’t give enough support. What should I try? Oh and also her breasts are to big for the “girls bra’s.”

    Secret Keeper Girl - Charmaine - January 8, 2015

    Hi Kate,
    It sounds like your daughter may be ready to try “normal” bras. Even though she’s only 13, God has designed her body to already be developing and that’s ok! I never really had a “training bra” myself! Try going to a department store where she can get fitted by a professional. They’ll be able to help.

Cat - February 7, 2015

While searching the web looking for myself, I happened to find the is article/website/page and just thought I would share some insight for when your daughters get older. I myself am actually only a little older than them (I’m 13) and decided that my input would shine some light on your daughter’s perspective.

In today’s society, girls are wearing bras younger and developing much more quickly. Although I am pretty large for my age, I myself am a 32D and growing. When I was 11, I was a 32A.

Though I am very encouraged my your enthusiasm to buying your daughter’s bras displayed here, I just wanted to remind you that she may go through them very rapidly. Please, don’t make the same mistake as my mother and decide that a bra fits “well enough” for two years before acknowledging that yes, I do indeed need to get fitted for a larger bra size. Wearing the wrong bra size in very uncomfortable.

Thank you for your time 🙂

ashley - March 4, 2015

My daughter is 10 years old and when you look you can basically see nipples like dots. we have a ton of rectangle shaped bras and a ton of padded and i think she has been saying she needs rectangle ones should she wear them???

    Secret Keeper Girl - Charmaine - March 12, 2015

    If that’s what she needs, go for it!

ashley - March 4, 2015

my daughter also said that sometimes when she has her shirt on and tank top her nipples touch the shirt and it feels not good what should i do?

    Secret Keeper Girl - Charmaine - March 12, 2015

    It sounds like she has sensitive nipples, which is not uncommon. Try finding a bra, training bra, or tank top with different material.

Sarah - April 13, 2015

I’m sorry if you didn’t understand what I’m asking, but I don’t know what type or size of bra to get, and how to remind my mum to take me out to get it… thankyou!
-the girly girl strikes

    Dannah Gresh - July 1, 2015

    Most bra stores will help you measure and select the correct bra for your lifestyle and age. Even stores like Justice will do this.

Sarah - April 20, 2015

I googled a Big W size chart – which is where I got the bras I have now- and I’m a size 8D?!?!? 😮 a D cup! I know the band size is in proportion, but, still, a D….!
🙂 🙂 🙂

Rande - June 4, 2015

I’ve been slowly coming to the realization that my 7 yr old (will be 8 in a few weeks) needs a training bra. It is what it is, I started wearing one around 9. I’m seeing moms say how all they’ve seen is underwire and pushup bras for their daughters. Try Hanes, Bali or Playtex, the website has a lot of other alternatives.

Jose Cruz - June 15, 2015

Yeshua’s peace be with you all! I am a 26 year-old father of a 9 year. My daughter is turning 10 years old on September 23. The mother of my daughter asked me to buy our daughter bras but I have no idea what to look for. I serve a living God (YAHWEH) and through His Holy Spirit, Yeshua has sent me to this website. I am amazed that God has created people involved SKG to help people like us in need of help. My prayers will go to this ministry as well as all who come to this blog. The mother of my child is not yet involved completely to the spiritual world but by faith she will in the future. I had just finished replying her with a rext saying “I’ll ask God to place a woman to help me finding her a bra” and suddenly I googled h
“What kind of bra does a nine year old need and this website came on my screen. I truly believe God send me here. In conclusion, I am a male and I have no idea how to find a bra for my daughter or what I need to look for in a bra. From what I have been reading Justice bras are the best ones but how do I make sure they are comfortable to her? How do I know if there small or big on her? I can only think about what to look for but I have no experience wearing one. (Well, I did had a play day once or twice with her when she was six years old but will keep it in the past). SKG or anyone, if you can help me I’ll be very grateful and I know my daughter will be as well. Thank you so much and may Yeshua’s kingdom full of love and peace be with you all in abundance!

Anonymous - June 16, 2015

I’m 11 and I wear a 32a . To those of you who say underwire bras should not be in the kids section , I still shop in the kids section but I use underwire bras for the extra support . If the underwire bras weren’t in the kids section , I would have to go to the juniors and women’s and and the ones marketed in that sections aren’t appropriate for any one under 16 in my opinion.

Eleanor - June 20, 2015

I know this post is somewhat older, but I figured that my input could help. I am a 13 year old girl, and I wear a 32B cup size. Where I live, there is a lot of diversity in bra size. One of my friends was pretty developed in the third grade, and plenty of girls haven’t hit puberty yet now, in seventh grade (Well, it’s summer, so really it’s 8th grade). I got my first ‘bra’ in fifth grade. It was a training bra, and I had gotten it for the scoliosis testing they did, but continued wearing it for a couple months. Once summertime came and those bras started to get old, I switched to a triangular brallete. (Both of these were from Walmart, Fruit of the Loom, maybe?) I continued wearing those until around February of grade six. Then, I got two pairs of the Hanes Molded Cup bras, without underwire. They had padding, which was a great plus because I was very self conscious of my nipples showing through. I wore those for a while until finally growing out of them. So, for anyone planning on purchasing bras for their daughter (or, in some cases, son, depending on his/her/their gender identity) I would recommend starting off with a training bra. Dont be afraid of padding- you want your child to be completely covered! Also, try to purchase some whites and skintones, maybe even black, before getting patterned or fun colored bras. Colorful bras or ones with cute patterns can help boost one’s self confidence, even if they’re the only ones who will see it!

kate - June 27, 2015

I am 13 and size 32A and here is my advice on what bras to get your daughter. Start off with training bras or sports bras. Then, move on to justice bras with removable pads (target also has great ones). Then, I suggest maidenform girls when cup bras are needed.

kate - June 27, 2015

Also does anyone have advice on other places to buy cup bras without pushup? I dont really want to move on to womens section or victorias secret, but am considering pink. I cant find many others……

    Charmaine Porter - June 29, 2015

    Hi Kate, have you asked your mom or an aunt, older sister, older woman who you trust to help you with this? Maybe she can suggest some stores and/or take you with her.

Fiona - July 3, 2015

Hello I’m 10 and I need a bra. I enjoy sports so maybe a sports bra I’m too embarrassed to ask my dad and I don’t talk to my mom what should I do?

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - July 4, 2015

    Hi Fiona,
    At 10, you may need to be looking at training bras, not a sports bra. I can understand being embarrassed to talk to your dad about this. I kind of had a similar situation in that I grew up in a single-dad home and my dad had to walk me through a lot of stuff like this. If there is another older woman in your life who you feel comfortable talking to – maybe teacher, someone at your church or school, or the mother of a friend – ask her what you should do! She may be able to even help you talk to your dad and/or go with you to the store. I know it’s awkward to talk to dad about this but you’re his little girl and he loves you. He’ll more than likely want to do all he can to help you as you grow up. Try to keep this in mind. At least let him know that you’re interested in going to the store for some bras and you need him to take you. That way, he’s “involved” but you can actually talk to a woman who works at the store and receive help and advice from her.

Liz - August 3, 2015

Im 11 and I have a 32 B but sometimes I wear a 30 C. My advice to anyone is to wear the size that fits best, regardless off the label.

Cassie - August 11, 2015

I’m 12 and size 30A is that to small or am I just Paranoid

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - October 26, 2015

    No such thing as “too small”. Your body is exactly what God desires for it to be. Whether you grow or stay the same size is totally up to His perfect plan for your body’s design 🙂

Dalila ramirez - September 19, 2015

Ok…slow your roll. I’m about twelve and ten year olds DO need padded bras. We all know what happens at ten-thirteen, boobs grow nipples grow and I don’t think there’s a problem with “pushing it up” but it is critically embarrassing for your nipples too just be hanging out. Some girls start puberty a little early and things happen but I see that it’s very stupid and insulting to just be wearing a bra without padding. Ok… Let’s be real. Those aren’t bras they’re just really short crop tops. I do feel a little bad when they sell push up bras but a child should have the right to come up to their parents at their tween and say “Mom I want a bra” and get to have a real one. Moms should really be more considerate about where their child is coming from and their point of view. They don’t always want a padded bra just because the “populare ones” have it. Sometimes we really do need it

Choli - September 21, 2015

so my 9 yr old daughter is budding and you can see little dots through her shirt she has tried to cover it up with TWO camis on top of each other but still…nothing!I think she needs a training bra and she knows too but both of us don’t know how to approach…

    Choli - September 21, 2015

    plus she tried to get one through her 14 yr old sister

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - October 26, 2015

    Choli, your daughter’s body is yelling at you and it’s ok for you to answer the call! If she needs a bra, just go out and buy her one! Make it a fun date where you can talk about how her body is changing and how God designed her body. It can be a really fun, cool, and great bonding experience for both of you. I get that it can be a bit unnerving, but as mom, you know how puberty goes because you went through it! So definitely take charge! You CAN DO IT!! 🙂 If you need a bit of help, this book will definitely help you out!

Sarah - October 2, 2015

Hi I’m 13 and I want to buy a sports bra. How do I ask my mom about it

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - October 26, 2015

    Hi Sarah,
    Maybe you can mention to your mom that you’ve been thinking about getting one and why you think you need it. It doesn’t have to be a major thing 🙂

Alex - October 6, 2015

I’m 11 years old and I don’t know how to ask my mom for a bra. All my friends wear them and I’m the only one who doesn’t. I’m not sure how to bring up the conversation. Please help me

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - October 26, 2015

    Hi Alex,
    If you need a bra, really need one and don’t just want one because all your friends have one, then just ask your mom. Maybe you can start off by saying ‘mom, do you think I need a bra’ or something like that. Or ‘mom, what do you think about me starting to wear a bra’? Just keep in mind, Alex, that all bodies develop differently and at varying rates. While your friends may need bras, you may not just yet – and that’s OK! There is nothing wrong with you. God just designed your body to develop later. And if that’s the case, enjoy your last few years of not actually needing a bra! 🙂

      Ryann - July 14, 2016

      I need a new bra but I don’t know how to ask my mom! And I don’t want Justice bras anymore so where do I go?

        Dannah Gresh - January 20, 2017

        You could try a good department store like Macy’s or Nordstrom or JCPenney or Sears. They have nice ones. As for asking your mom, just tell her. It’s not that scary. She wants to help you.

    Sherry - December 3, 2015

    I got my first bra at 12! All my friends were wearing one ages before me and I know that you feel left out and uncomfortable, but for half of grade 7, I was changing in front of girls and I had nothing to cover me up. I started wearing camis/singlets so at least I was covered up. Then I told my mum it was time to get more singlets/camisoles so she bought camisoles with a built in bra. I wore those until it was obvious that you could see me developing. One day I came home and there was a training bra on my bed! It was too small but my mum was happy to help and bought more bigger training bras. I’m going to wait until I grow out of them before I get new ones though, which is always a good idea, so when you ask your mum to get more you can say you have grown out of them. Personally, I didn’t have to ask my mum for a bra but this is all you have to say, “Mum, I think it is time that I start wearing a bra, (put in at least one reason here), so can we go shopping for one?”. I hope this helped 🙂

??? - October 6, 2015

I need a bra but I am very self conscious.I like the plain brand bras full coverage from wal-mart,where should I get them.My mom thinks I need a real bra but the one I do have is an a cup too big and uncomfort able.Is there any place I can get one that is comfortable appropriate and not to pricey???

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - October 26, 2015

    You can actually find bras just about anywhere, AND most places let you try them on in the dressing room so you can feel good and comfortable with your bra purchase. Walmart, as you mentioned could be a great place for you and your mother to start looking.

Sindey Kelly - October 19, 2015

My 10 year old has kind of developed but not a lot. And I think she’s trying to approach me but I can’t tell someone please help.

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - October 26, 2015

    Mom, feel free to approach HER! You’ve been there – as in you’ve been through puberty and know how it all goes. Definitely take charge and help guide your little girl through the process. It could be a great bonding time for both of you. If you need more help, check out this book 🙂

emma - October 20, 2015

I’m so happy, this post helped me a lot!
My little sister, Lily is 11 years old, I’m 13. I’m wearing 32D-bras, and she’s really jealous of me. Lily has no boobs, she’s no more than 30A, but she wants to wear bras… And we bought her some of the JC Penney ones, thanks to you!

Sophia - October 26, 2015

Some girls grow quicker than others which means they may need a first bra from places like bhs trust me I know I had to at that age

11yo - December 6, 2015

Soft, longish sport bra like crop tops with racer backs are great and comfy.
If you think your daughter needs a training bra but hadn’t asked you for one, ypu should take the first step. She’s most likely just embarrassed to ask, but it goes without saying that you shouldn’t push her too much when she doesn’t yet feel the need for a crop top.
Also, if your encouraging your daughter to try crop tops (cause her nipple show through her top or something) buy her some cute patterned ones.

Bevin - January 17, 2016

My daughter will be 7 in 4 months. I swear she’s had buds since birth! I always thought they were part of her baby fat, but they have not gone away. I was always petite and no bigger than a 34 b until I had kids. Now I’m a 34dd/36d. Both of my sons have experienced early puberty. My mother in law is taller and very well endowed. Is it ok to get her a training bra?

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - January 18, 2016

    If she needs one, by all means! Everyone’s body develops and grows at different rates – one of the awesome ways God is so creative. Your daughter may be young but God has designed her body to develop earlier than others. Get her a training bra if she needs one and make a fun date out of it. Talk to her about the changes going on in her body, maybe why they’re happening, that she is beautiful and that all that’s happening to her is out of God’s great and loving design for her. If you’d like some conversation starter help, check out our book ‘Raising Body Confident Daughters.’

Mi mi karkinson - April 5, 2016

I am 13 and my mom still has told me to wear one

Sanah - April 7, 2016

I am 16 and when i playful like when i dance or jump or play or run that time my nipples come through my T-shirt and its really embarrassing. Please suggest me which kind of bra i should wear.

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - April 8, 2016

    Hi Sanah,
    We’d recommend going to a department store – somewhere like JC Penny, Macys, etc – with your mom or another lady who you trust and getting sized. The ladies at the store will be able to recommend a bra that will be conducive to your needs. Happy Shopping!

trapped inside - April 11, 2016

I am 10 and wearing a sports bra but my best friend i have known for 8 years is moving and she thinks girls are age who wear them are rood, how am i suppose to tell her before she is gone forever?
I also broght up the topic i wanted no more, but the truth is, i do want more because i feel as if mine are to big, but my mom said okay… and i keep bringin it up and now i dont know how to tell her because she now thinks i do notneed any, i also have 1 paded bra, but it is so uncomfortable, she thinks i shoukd wear the sports bras, but the truth is, i only have 1, the oadded one which hurts, my 3 sports ones are to big!!! What do i do? -trapped inside

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - May 6, 2016

    Dear Trapped Inside,
    There is nothing wrong with wearing bras. Maybe your friend doesn’t understand it now but she will in a few years. Everyone’s body develops differently and there is nothing wrong with that! Just be honest with her and tell her that you’re hurt and scared that she may not like you any more just because you’ve started to wear bras. Tell her that you love her and desire her friendship and that you need her during this time in your life.
    In regards to your other comment, be honest with your mom and tell her that you aren’t comfortable in certain bras and that you need her help to find a good bra that offers support and comfort. She will be able to help and guide you!

Anonymous - April 11, 2016

I’m a small girl for my age. I am 13 and i have been wearing the same bras for a whole year! When i started budding i bought some with my mom, but havent really grown since then. All my friends are progressing so fast and it’s embarrassing for me to look the same as i did last year. That us why tween/teens like underwire and padding, because it makes u fit in. I hope this helps u understand ur daughters

jg - April 12, 2016

I’m twelve years old and i wear padded bra’s with underwire. This does not mean I’m some crazy person running around naked!! I need support. I use bras from Arie and Victoria’s Secret. I’m sorry that all twelve years olds don’t have flat chests like you think. I don’t wear push-up bras but if it made me feel confident i would. It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you’re confident.

leAnna - April 13, 2016

Hey I’m 10 years old and I found a 2 very nice bras from Burlington Coat factory with lace trimming

Lisa - April 18, 2016

Check out Yellowberry bras. They are super cute, colorful lined bras. Perfect for all girls. They understand how difficult bra shopping can be. They are a little pricey, but watch for a sale. I went shopping with my daughter today was was frustrated with the lack of selection for her development. They were padded as well which she didn’t need, but they were way too advanced for her. I’m glad I found Yellowberry!

A - April 26, 2016

I am a 12 year old and my size is a 32A my mom says that I am fine in the bra dept. but I feel like I need a new one really badly! even though I got this set 4 months ago! I feel it is now too small, well the sup size. what should I do?

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - May 6, 2016

    Your body is still growing and developing, A. If you feel you need a new bra, talk to your mom and tell her why you feel like you need new ones. Ask her to help you make sure you’re wearing the right size. And if she ends up saying that you’re fine, then trust her.

Ireti - May 6, 2016

I am 11 years old and i need a bra but i am afraid to tell my mom.please what should i do

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - May 6, 2016

    Hi Ireti, it can be an intimidating thing to do but just talk to your mom. She is more than likely so willing to help and talk to you about your changing body. Tell her you’d like to talk to her about something that’s really important to you then sit down with her and have a nice chat 🙂

Anonymous - May 11, 2016

I am 13 years old and I have medium sized boobs. I tried on my friends bra that was size 34 B, and it fit me perfectly. What I have now is a ‘cami bra’ thing that does not support me at all. I told my mom and she said that it fits me fine and that I really don’t need a cupped bra. My nipples poke out and i only have 2 of them! I really want a cupped bra, just because it will provide more support, and I won’t fee self conscious about it. Any suggestions?

    Linaaok - June 11, 2016

    I’m 13 too but for me it’s worse,my mom only got me a trainer bra that doesn’t even have padding I really need a bra that covers up everything,I’m so self conscious I hate going out a lot just because of that.i feel like my mom just doesn’t want to accept the fact that I’m growing up, like she just got me the trainer bra when I was 12 years old!! I should’ve got one when I was 10 not 12!!.i don’t know how to ask her.sometimes when I am trying on new shirts and my nipples show through the shirt I tell her that I think I should be getting something that covers me up (like I try to give her a hint that I need a new bra).but she always says no no everything is fine,as I said before I feel like she is not accepting the fact that I’m growing up.I really neeed help so I would appreciate it.?

braless - May 23, 2016

im 12 and dont have a proper bra, my boobs are getting big, and i only have sports bras

Autumn Metzger - June 8, 2016

I am 11 years old and I have a ‘cami bra’ or as my family calls it, a training bra. I have 3 of them but they are starting to out grow me. When ever I wear them, my boobs kind of pop out and it is embarrassing. I think that I am starting to need padded bras but not ones that have a bunch of padding. You see, my second oldest sister has this padded bra that I keep sneaking because I need it and besides, she NEVER wears any type of bra! And then there was this one time when they caught me and they said that I just try to look “desperate” but I don’t! Also, that bra she has just the right amount of padding because there is not that much padding but there is enough and she never wears them. One more thing it that when ever I tell my parents that I need a bra, they always say “no you you don’t! You don’t have breast yet!” But they really don’t know that! So is there any thing I can do?

Anushree - June 9, 2016

Hii I am 13 and I have a couple of sports bra and a call bra but I feel that I need a little padding but I don’t have the guys to ask my mum. Any help would be great!

    Sune van Heerden - July 12, 2016

    Hi I don’t now you but just go and ask her it is woorth it……I now just don’t now what bra I must wear and iam 12

      Dannah Gresh - January 20, 2017

      Step 1: Measure Your Band Size
      Run a tape measure all the way around your body just underneath your breasts and take a measurement in inches. Make sure the tape measure is straight and fairly snug. Your arms should be down. If this measurement is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. This should be your band size. If your measurement is already an even number, you may find that this is your band size, or you may have to go up to the next size (that is, you may have to add 2 inches). So, if you measured 31 inches, your band size should be 32. If you measured 34 inches, your band size may be 34 or 36.

      Step 2: Figure Out Your Cup Size
      If you already wear a bra and think you need a new size, the best way to find your cup size is to use your current bra size as a starting point. The cups are sized relative to the band, so if you try a smaller band size but keep the same cup size, the cups would be too small. Instead, increase the cups by one size for every band that you go down. For example, if you’re current bra is a 34C and your underbust (see Step 1, above) measures 31 inches, then you probably need a 32D. On a 30-inch band, this would be a 30DD.

      And remember: In the U.K., cup sizes are AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K, KK.

      Step 3: Try It On!

      Even after you’ve measured yourself, you need to actually try some bras on to make sure you got the right size. Go to the store and try a few on! If you’re wondering what the right size bra should feel like, the correct band size is the smallest you can comfortably wear – tight enough to be supportive without cutting into your skin. You should be able to fit no more than a fist under the back of the bra. The right cup size is the biggest you can totally fill out without the fabric wrinkling and without there being any extra space in the cups. This goes for low-cut and push-up bras, too!

Natalie - June 19, 2016

I am 32b and 11 years old. I think it’s completely fine for young girls to wear push up bras as long as it’s for the right reason. I was already wearing padded bras at 9. Wearing a padded bra is not over sexualizing anything. When I got my first padded bra I was so proud and I really needed it. I only wore camis in 3rd grade when I was halfway through 4th grade a got a padded bra. 3 months ago I had my period. A week ago I moved up from wearing 32a lightly lined to 32b push up. My boobs needed more support and lightly lined wasn’t enough. Some girls are still wearing camis at 11 and some are 34a at 9. This is all normal all girls develops differently. Wearing push up or normal padded bras is ok as long as it’s not to try and your boobs look bigger. I knew people in 3rd grade who’s nipples wound stick out. This is embarrassing so if your daughter needs a padded bra don’t restrict them if they really need it. But if there the nipple aren’t sticking out or there’s no boobs camis or tank tops are a good option. My best friend is turning 12 next week and she just recently started wearing camis because she didn’t need them before. My other best friend has been wearing padded bras for a long time. Whatever you need is okay. So as long as you aren’t wearing padded bras or push up bras to make your boobs look bigger and you need them they’re perfectly fine and not sexualizing whatsoever.

Lauryn - June 25, 2016

I am 11 and the other day I asked my mum if I could get a bigger bra or even a padded one by note after getting advise from this page. And my mum when she read it she just laughed and said get real u have nothing to put in them.But I am further through puberty than she thinks and I do have quite big breasts for my age. I am also jelous of a girl in my class who has a padded bra and it’s huge and all the boys like her cause she has big breasts.
What do I do??

Lauryn - June 25, 2016

P.S I live in New Zealand

Anonymous 2 - June 28, 2016

Hi, I am 12 years old and I really want a padding bra with the wire but I’m not sure if I need it. Almost all the girls at school have them , you can tell, especially because I go to a middle school . I am one of the very few that still have a bra with no wire or clip in the back, and thats probably why I want one so badly. Please help me to tell my mom I want one even though Im Not sure if I need it because I am not sure if my breasts are if enough!

Sarah - June 29, 2016

I have wear a bra at one time but now may mom is not buying for me and now I want or and my age is 11-12

Maddison - July 27, 2016

Hi i am in the 5th grade and I have a little bras my mom got me but i feel like they are feeling small but i am scared to tell my mom i need some new ones

    Dannah Gresh - January 19, 2017

    Don’t be afraid Maddison. Asking your mom for a bigger bra is really just like asking her for a bigger pair of jeans when you need them. It’s just clothing. Go for it. She’ll be glad you talked to her about it!

Laura Brown - May 24, 2017

Yellowberry is the BEST! When I saw the padded bras at the stores for my daughter, I began searching and found Yellowberry and so glad I did. The story of this company is such a good one and the products are great. I was so glad that I found it and am happy to pay a little more to support such a worthy business. So glad to see that you have them listed 1st on your list!

Dannah Gresh - June 6, 2017

So fun, Grace! I’m glad this was a great memory for you and your mom!

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