Summer Art Contest Winners!

This summer we used the theme of the Secret Keeper Girl Masterpiece World Tour to challenge our Secret Keeper Girls to use their creativity for something God-honoring! We received over 100 entries to our summer art contest, and we’re so excited to introduce you to our GRAND PRIZE winner and runner-ups! 

Grand Prize: Scarlett Skov, Age 10
About the Artist: Scarlett has enjoyed drawing and painting since first being introduced to it when she was about 3 years old. Her favorite way to express herself is through drawing, but she creates beautiful works of art with paints, play dough, and even computer graphics, too. During free time, she can be found tucked up on the couch reading a good book, playing video games or Legos with Dad, or riding her bicycle outside. Oh, and don’t forget swimming, one of her all-time favorite pastimes!
Masterpiece description: No matter what you think of yourself, in God’s eyes, you are beautiful.”
She explained that the girl in the image sees herself in the mirror as ugly, or not good enough, but God sees who she truly is — His perfect masterpiece. The dove represents the Holy Spirit, and the image we see is a reflection in God’s eye.


Age 7-9 Runner-up: Chantelle Weidner, age 9
About the Artist: Chantelle is a very kindhearted, thoughtful young girl who cares a lot for her family and friends. She has an older sister and younger twin brothers. She loves to draw and writes beautiful cards that are very meaningful. You can always find her on the monkey bars on the playground.

Masterpiece Description: God made a promise to us to never flood the whole world again. The dove was sent as His sign that the flooding was over!


Age 10-12 Runner-up: Karina Doremire, age 10
About the Artist: Karina loves birds and has been drawing them for years.  In Karina’s free time she enjoys reading, drawing, sewing, volleyball, and hanging out with friends.
Masterpiece Description: Karina was inspired by Matthew 10:29, and the reminder that God cares deeply about His creation.



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