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As we continue to hear from lives touched by our ministry through this pandemic, we noticed that this one deserves some extra prayer support.

So, I’m sending it along to you and begging you to join me in petitioning God for Becky and her family.

Becky and her three oldest girls—ages 15, 13, and 12—just completed my online summer Bible study based on the book of Habakkuk. The book truly is a healing balm for troubling times. And it was for the Romans.

God has our family in a very faith-building place right now... We have adopted 3 kids with special needs, and our family has been grown spiritually and practically by God's grace during their adoptions AND after when the real work begins! We are in the middle of another adoption of two boys in Africa, and God has been pushing and stretching us ALL, like nothing we have seen, yet. This is such a timely study for all of us! 

God spoke to me over and over again while studying the attributes of God that Habakkuk was leaning on.

Knowing that He is self-existent is especially powerful for me right now! He is not dependent on government officials, He doesn't go by projections. 

Isn’t that a Truth that all of us need to remember as our nation is embroiled in so much division and political unrest? 

Ah, but let’s not forget...I’m writing to you with a request to pray. The Roman family is feeling God’s comfort, but they still don’t have their sons with them!

Please take the next 48-hours to pray for the Roman Family.

(And keep reading for a practical way to help!)

Becky went on to share that she believes this:

God could blink an eye and our boys would be here with us! In His wisdom, He has ordained these events and this timeline. This also means that my frustrations can be voiced to HIM (instead of a cog in the governmental wheel both here and across the globe). Like Habakkuk, I have direct contact with the One with all the power and he CARES and is infinitely more passionate for these boys than even I am... 

Becky and her girls are not the only True Girl family that we’ve heard from with heartache because the adoption process has been stalled with government closures and travel restrictions. Hearts are breaking all over this country!

And I believe we need to pray for them!

Can I bolster your prayers with a testimony of God’s power in my own life?

Thirteen years ago, my daughter Autumn was “stuck” in China. She was thirteen years old and we had never met. The government was lagging in adoption paperwork and we only had months to get her before she “aged out” and we could never have her. It looked like we would never make the deadlines!

I called upon my ministry partners and friends to ask God to move! Within days, they reclassified her from an “adoption” to “humanitarian rescue!” We had her TWO MONTHS EARLY! And in just a few days, we will celebrate her first wedding anniversary.

I believe God can do it again! For Becky’s family and dozens of other True Girl families who are waiting for God to bring their children home. If you are one of them—or know of one—lean on this faith that was stirred up in Becky as she studied Habakkuk.

So unlike most people in the adoption process, He is not distant, powerless and uncaring. He knows my heart, and He is there, actively with our boys. I can wrestle with Him through this, He will HEAR ME, and I can trust that there is perfect purpose in His plan. I can rest in that... Even when I don't understand. Even when my heart aches. God's plan is perfect because of Who He is.

Becky wrote primarily to ask us to pray. Today, our staff is going to gather to do that. And I thought...why not ask a few hundred thousand people to pray. I’m starting with you! 

Here’s Becky’s request: 

My girls and I would like to ask your team to pray for our family, and especially our boys in Africa who really need medical care (we were trying to rush to get them before the pandemic). We would love prayer for all aspects... Wisdom, process, fundraising, house and car modifications and all the preparations for bringing two tween boys with significant needs into our family! Even though it seems like a mountain, especially with all the shutdowns and payouts, etc, God is faithful... He has proven it over and over! 

~ Becky Roman, A True Girl Mom

Let’s not just pray. Let’s give. 

By now, you’ve likely read that we have a need to raise $116,000 by the end of August. My friend, we are just 14 days away and still need $34,867 in order to meet that goal.

But…as you can see, we’re not the only ones with big needs.

God put this verse on my husband’s heart this spring when the touring world shut down...and took with it our primary stream of income. 



While we’ve been hard hit financially, so have many of our True Girl families throughout the United States and the Dominican Republic. So, in faith, we have continued to provide emergency support as promised. We think Becky’s family qualifies!

A portion of all of the donations we receive in the next 48 hours will be directed to the Roman family to help with the medical expenses for their boys! (And we’re believing that the Lord will enable those needs to be met here in the United States!)

Right before Covid-19 hit, I finished up writing Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent. Because of this, I’d been knee-deep in the book of Habakkuk for a number of months – studying it and applying it to my own life. I thoroughly believe this is the reason I was able to cope so well when quarantines started locking down the world. I knew, even though God seemed silent in the midst of the crisis, that He was still with His children and would not forsake us but rescue us when the timing matched His perfect plan.

What a joy to see that He was also preparing a tool for Becky and her girls to walk in faith during fearful times!

If you’re ready to feel the same type of comfort and protection, may I encourage you to make a donation of ANY AMOUNT right now? As my way of saying “thank you”, I’ll send you your own copy of Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent.