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You’re invited to the World’s Largest Pajama Party!

In light of our world’s challenges, we sadly had to reschedule about thirty live events.

We heard a lot of our True Girls were sad, too. And we heard some of them are occasionally battling fear and loneliness. So, we’ve designed a special event just for you! We want to invite you to abide in God’s Word, not just hide from a virus. (But do that, too. And wash your hands!)

This online event will be hosted by our True Girl Cast on Saturday, April 4th, but we wanted to give you something special to do to be a part of it! Our friend Carmen Justice, who helped create our True Girl Original Album, created a brand-new dance for you to learn along with our song “True Girl”.

But that’s not all! If you learn the dance, you could win a collection of True Girl books and merchandise worth over $250! 

Here’s how you can enter:

  • Learn the dance by watching this video
  • Create your own video, doing part or all of the song
  • Upload your video to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or email it to info@mytruegirl.com
  • Tag our page
  • That’s it! You’re entered to win a True Girl swag pack.

Even if your video isn’t chosen as the winner, you could see it during our party! We’ll be taking the videos we receive and creating a mash-up of as many videos as we can. So, get dancing and we’ll see you on Saturday, April 4th for The World’s Largest Pajama Party!


Entering this contest expresses your permission for True Girl to use a clip of your video as we create a compilation to play during the True Girl World’s Largest Pajama Party.