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71% of you said your kids are missing camp this summer! So we're bringing it to your backyard!

There’s no doubt that the American staple of summer camp is going to be missed by many this year. That’s not just significant in that it allows mom and dad to have a week off, but Christian camps have proven to provide lasting spiritual impact. Participants in one study who attended religious camp as teenagers or youth were significantly more likely in their young adult years to participate in communal religious practices like group Bible studies, college religious groups, and church attendance than those who never attended summer camp.

True Girl and Born to Be Brave have joined together to bring you Camp Staycation—a collection of seven pre-planned parent-child connection experiences created to provide spiritual encounters. This year you can experience the camp high with your child, providing long-term family impact!

Mark your calendars for the big event— our live online family campfire July 24th!


The ages of 7-13 are key development years as your child begins to develop his or her own set of beliefs. What happens when Christian camp—a formative experience with God—gets cancelled? That’s easy. We use it to remind ourselves as parents that we're supposed to be in the driver's seat of our kids' spiritual development.

True Girl and Born to Be Brave are partnering for a family event on July 24th as the peak of our Camp Staycation parent-driven family impact activities. During the online family campfire, your 7 to 12-year-old will explore the concept of identity with you guiding the conversation.

Who are you? What’s your true identity? And what determines who you are? Is it your family? Your friends? Your gender? Your personality? Your religion?

What if the readjustment of our schedules and realignment of our priorities is a tool God is using not just for us to make it through in survival mode, but to give us the opportunity to lay the foundation for our kids to truly thrive?

During the first portion of our online family campfire, your children will:

  • explore the concept of identity.
  • understand how our family puts a safety filter on life.
  • get honest about how our friendships filter us—for good or bad.
  • learn about the filter we all need to see correctly—a faith filter!
  • play interactive, competitive parents vs kids games!
  • hang out with The True Girl Cast.
  • hear Bible teaching from Bob & Dannah Gresh.

The digital experience can be followed by a real live campfire at home where you guide a follow-up time of sharing using our Camp Staycation faith filter conversation guide.



Reserve your spot at our virtual campfire in the private Zoom Room today!

Our ministry is facing some big financial hurdles, and we know you might be, too. We’re grateful if you can make a donation as you register, but if not...please be our guest.

Join us for a gift of any amount, and we completely understand if that’s $0! (If you're unable to donate at this time, please click to register and follow the written instructions)


Each week from June 7-July 19, we will release a new family impact activity.

These will not only provide easy-to-use plans to do a fun camp-type activity at home but will also provide a simple biblical object lesson and conversation guide so you and your family can experience God this summer. The lesson plan and video will be linked to the images below on Thursday of each week.

We’ll also be sharing them and giving you tips and ideas every Thursday at noon on True Girl Live and every Thursday evening at 7:30 on Born to Be Brave TV! Join us for the launch each week.

Plus, when you and your family post a photo of you participating in one of Camp Staycation’s fun activities, you’ll be entered to win The Ooey Gooey Ultimate Graham Prize worth over $500 including:

  • The complete library of True Girl resources.
  • Dannah Gresh’s newest Bible study, Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent.
  • An armload of Born to Be Brave swag.
  • An indoor S’More Maker.
  • A loaded Hershey’s brand S’mores Caddy.
  • The Roasted or Toasted Family Card Game.

You can enjoy the family activities in one of four ways:

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