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Episode #29: Emotional Rollercoasters!

If you’re a mom, you’re dealing with someone’s emotions almost all the time. Her emotions. His emotions. Your emotions. It truly can feel like a wild, unpredictable rollercoaster ride, can’t it?

On today’s episode, Janet breaks down a familiar scripture in a fresh, powerful way to help you talk to your daughter about emotions. Let’s teach our girls how to not let emotions boss them around.

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Episode #28: Six Strong Women Your Girl Should Follow!

Lots of people are vying for your daughter’s attention.

So many voices calling out to her:
“Buy this!”
“Listen to this!”
“Eat this!”
“Do this!”
“Write this!”

On today’s episode, Dannah, Shani, and Janet talk about how to help our girls understand the differences between a Godly influencer and an ungodly influencer.

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