Will you help us fill the next generation with so much Truth that there’s no room for the world’s lies?

This year, we have unique opportunities to increase our reach to plant seeds of Truth in the next generation. This requires us to embrace the God-sized task of raising $450,000 to finish the year.

We will continue the work of planting Truth and developing a larger menu of biblical tools for parents to disciple their tweens and teens. Plus we are preparing to break ground in 2023 for Grace Way Farm—a multi-ministry campus for True Girl, Born to Be Brave, and Grace Prep, the local Christian high school we operate. (We are currently spread out between three rental facilities.) We hope to also partner with three local congregations to maximize both man-hours and money in the Kingdom of God, rather than have six organizations spending separately on infrastructure.

We will Dig Deeper — as we establish infrastructure to plant Truth into the next generation such as:

We will Plow Farther — as we increase our International reach in 123 countries such as:

We will Nurture the Growth — as we continue what God originally called us to do we have some unique opportunities to bring Christian parents and their children closer to each other as they grow closer to Jesus including:

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If you’re interested in hearing more about how you can participate in a significant way, please contact wade@purefreedom.org for a proposal.


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