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Grab your popcorn and a cozy onesie— we’re throwing some HUGE pajama parties across the nation this fall! And we are coming to True Girl Global soon!!!

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The daily devo book is so easy to use, and gets my daughter curious and more excited about God’s Word. It’s getting me in the Word more, too!

– Shermie

LOVE the subscription boxes!! We (yes me as mom) get excited when it comes in the mail!!

– Ashley

The past few months I’ve really seen her blossom as the fruits of the Spirit have become more apparent in her. Thank you for making such exciting resources that make her want to dig into her Bible and live a more committed life.

– Whitney

The box brought us closer together and opened the door for better communication. We love the daily devos so much! They touch on topics that are relevant to her (and often me too) and are short enough to keep her attention. Having the True Girl box also gives us an opportunity for special one-on-one time which is proving to have such a positive effect.

– Natalie

The box subscription has really helped her grow in the Lord and helped her overcome a lot of worry in her life. Because of her growth with Jesus, our growth as mother and daughter has also grown tremendously.

– Katie

Lies Girls Believe is a fantastic tool for moms to prepare their daughters to stand strong against the lies they will be tempted to believe in their teens and twenties and beyond. Invest in your daughter’s future by equipping her with Truth. Because the old saying got it right —an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure!”

– Mary A. Kassian Author of Girls Gone Wise

Lies Girls Believe and this Mom’s Guide are tools to help you plant Truth into your daughter, and to nurture those seeds and watch them grow. Parenting your daughter well in these formative years is time-consuming, hard work. But be assured that whatever time and effort you invest in her life now will bear fruit for years–and generations—to come!”

– Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Lies We Believe Series Editor

“Our girls’ lives depend on their mothers knowing God’s Truth. That sounds like a cliché, but for me it was and is still paramount to saving my daughter’s life. Dannah unfolds a process that sets the mother-daughter team free to dispel lies and uncover the Truth God wants us to believe. Therein is freedom.”

– Jenny Summers, Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Clinic and mother of eight

"The new Ruth Bible study is one you'll want to share with your daughter's friends and moms. It is inspiring, encouraging and fun! Not only is it great for young girls...but a great resource for anyone working with young girls that want to teach about loyalty, true friendship, finding joy in difficult times, dealing with mean people, and seeing God in circumstances."

-Amy, True Girl mom

If you want your daughter to prize her Bible, get her Ruth: Becoming A Girl of Loyalty. Every page will equip and inspire your girl to open her Bible and discover there's gold in them thar' hills!

Erin Davis, Co-host of Revive Our Heart’s Grounded & mother of four

“I will revisit this study for many years to come!”

—Portia Collins, host of the She Shall Be Called podcast and Grounded videocast

“7 Feasts will give readers a hermeneutical fork and knife that will help them feed themselves and teach others to study God’s Word for themselves as well.”

—Amy-Jo Girardier, author and girls minister

“Powerful, compelling, and eye-opening!”

—Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal, authors and founders of GirlDefined Ministries

“As I read 7 Feasts I found myself excited, convicted, grateful, eager to know more and, ultimately worshipping Jesus. ”

—Trillia Newbell, author of the Bible study, If God is For Us

“Staci Rudolph is a great teacher. What she teaches is just what I need! Her style and content really hit home. Thank you!”

-A 17-year-old online Bible study student

“Dannah Gresh is an excellent writer and she is passionate about God's Word. Her heart of compassion is evident as she personally shares and walks with us.”

-An amazon reviewer for, Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent

“Erin Davis is a Bible teacher I find true, studied and deeply in love with the Word. I want to learn from her. Dig in, expectantly.”

—Lisa Whittle, author of Jesus Over Everything, Bible teacher, founder of Ministry Strong

True Girl has been such a blessing to us during quarantine! Their willingness to reach outside the box to minister to girls is incredible! If you have young daughters, or if you are in kidmin, I encourage you to check them out! Thank you, Dannah Gresh, for this team and their hearts for ministry!

-Regina, True Girl Mom

Isabella and I have been participating in #TrueGirl online. It’s been wonderful!! I’ve always wanted to take her to an actual conference, but this year, since they had to cancel them, we were able to join online.

-Margie, True Girl Mom

The True Girl Online Pajama Party was a lot of fun for the sweet girls in my life. True Girl did an excellent job inspiring young girls around the globe!

Anne, A True Girl Mom from Canada

During this entire Covid time, the Lord has used your ministry to mature our daughter In such a beautiful way. Since she has three brothers, the girly time has been a no-pressure, super fun connecting piece with mom, and yet the strong biblical input has been received very well because of the fun piece. It is very evident you have spent much time, prayer, and care into what you do.

True Girl Subscription Mom

My daughters have been so excited to receive the boxes and see what is in them! It has led to some great discussions that they otherwise wouldn't be as open to having.

True Girl Subscription Mom

As a busy mom I really enjoyed having the details laid out for me and the fact that I could keep it simple and budget-friendly. The strong biblical foundation that encourages my daughter and her relationship with the Lord on a deeper level with the fun has been fantastic. It’s clearly coming from a genuine place with true love for those you minister to!

True Girl Subscription Mom

We adored not only the focused girl time with goodies, but the biblical base for why we are doing what we are doing and how that is shaping our daughter at such a crucial age!

True Girl Subscription Mom

“This Bible study is going to help me with anxiety problems and being able to talk about it more with my mom. This Bible study came along just at the right time to help me.”

Leah, 11

“I have always kept everything inside. When I get mad or get hurt or I’m struggling with something I didn’t tell anyone. Then I started to come to my mom about my problems, and she totally understands. I have found freedom by talking about my problems with my mom.”

Bailey Reese, 11

“I like that I am not the only girl that believes lies sometimes. Being able to spend this time with my mom has brought us closer together, and helped me to understand the lies I have believed. This study has made me feel free to be able to talk to my mom more about the lies that I have struggled with.”

Sophia, 8

“The Lies Girls Believe study is the very best that I've ever done. This is touching on things that are happening in the real world that my girl is dealing with today. It was the perfect thing that God used to draw these things out and to draw us closer to each other. It’s an answer to prayer as a mom.”

Mom of Anna Kate

"This study was life-changing for my 11 year old daughter. Is has really allowed her to take Biblical truths and look at a lie head on and say “I don't believe that.”
Within days of finishing it, she is showing the fruit of that!"

Mom of Ella
Join over 400,000 moms in experiencing America’s largest mother-daughter connecting event.
For 2 ½ hours, you and your 7-12-year-old daughter will have uninterrupted bonding time growing closer to each other and closer to Jesus. You’ll experience deep connection with your daughter through practical bible teaching, live worship, hilarious games, fashion shows, and more. The event is built with both you and your girl in mind, so we promise you’ll both leave feeling like it was just for you!
Are you ready for a total heart
encounter with your daughter?
Then you’re ready to experience the True Girl tour.

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