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There's not one job title
to describe an Intern at True Girl.
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Who are True Girl Interns? They are event speakers, content writers, social media specialists, web designers, road managers, marketing brainstormers, and administrative professionals.

They facilitate an audience of thousands at our True Girl or Born to Be Brave live events, ideate and create the latest social media campaigns, coordinate photo shoots for book promotions, devise new strategies for reaching at-risk girls in underprivileged communities, and pray with team members as they grow in humility and service.

What Do You Get Out of It?

We're So Glad You Asked

A year spent crossing off major bucket list items by traveling to almost every state (and we're not amateurs, of course we make stops at all the important major cities and landmarks)

Experiencing the inner operations and heart of a major non-profit, and developing personally.

Our relational mentoring program focuses on helping to develop you and prepare you for wherever you may end up down the road.

We're a community that takes working on our hearts as seriously as we take our work and provide a safe environment to examine your faith and grow closer to the Lord with a team who cares about you.

We do two prayer summits each year that lead you in the work on your own heart.

Daily devos on event days prepare you and teach you that your primary work is PRAYER (not teaching or managing or writing). In every step, Dannah and Bob Gresh are personally involved with your development.

No Matter Your Role.
One Thing Is Ensured: You Will Be Busy

Our team is small, but our organization is not. With less than 10 full-time staff members managing two national tours, new book development, marketing efforts, resource sales, livestreams, and more... we're busy. And we need help to keep this ministry machine running. That's why interns are an integral part of our ministry, and why they carry such an important load of responsibility within the organization.

All that said, we think it might be THE best year you'll ever have working hard, developing a wide array of skills, and experiencing a unique community and mentoring atmosphere.