Bob and Dannah Gresh
Founders of True Girl
and Born to Be Brave

Chris McKenna
Founder of
Protect Young Eyes
Advocate for Internet Safety

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The average age of first exposure is twelve years old
(and many times, even younger).*

Yes! You need to talk to your children about pornography.

Whether your kids are five or fifteen, the purveyors of pornography and erotica are targeting your children to create lifetime “customers.”

Now more than ever, our children are at risk.


Honestly answer these three questions: 

1. Do you know how to talk to your kids about pornography?

2. Do you have a plan in place to reduce the risk of them being exposed to it?

3. Do you know how to respond if they are exposed to it?


How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography is a workshop for parents and will help them to:

  • learn the top ways the pornography industry targets children so you can block them
  • discover how to establish conversation-based accountability with your tweens and teens so you can train your children to make wise choices
  • recognize the signs that your child is using pornography or erotica
  • learn what to do if your child is using pornography
  • build upon a biblical understanding of sex to inform your ongoing conversations with your children

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What parents have said about previous workshops.

"One of our greatest desires is to help others who are struggling with mental illness and to help parents who are trying desperately to help their teens. And I am so very grateful for your heart to do the same. I was able to share the workshop with several other families whose teens are struggling with mental illness."


Meet the Workshop Speakers!

Bob & Dannah Gresh, authors and founders of True Girl & Born to Be Brave

Bob & Dannah Gresh are nationally recognized as leaders who encourage parents of tweens and teens to utilize a faith-based approach to coach them into healthy relationships. Together they have authored more than five books on the subject of sexuality and overcoming pornography and erotica including the best-selling classics And The Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity and Who Moved The Goalpost: Seven Winning Strategies in the Sexual Integrity Game Plan. Dannah's newest book, Happily Even After shares how she and Bob are winning the battle against pornography and lust in their own relationship.

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Happily Even After: Let God Redeem Your Marriage!

SAVE THE DATE! On March 20th, join Bob & Dannah Gresh and counselor, Pete Kuiper, as they provide YOU with advice and understanding to overcome the problem of porn TOGETHER! Bob and Dannah will share some of their story and encourage you because you can live Happily Even After! Keep your eyes on your inbox for more details!

Chris McKenna, Founder, Protect Young Eyes

Chris is a man with never ending energy when it comes to fighting for the safety and protection of children. He practices his internet safety tips in real time with his own amazing kids and is regularly featured on news, radio, podcasts, and most recently on Capitol Hill for his research.

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More about Chris McKenna and Protect Young Eyes: 

When I was 8 years old, I found a significant stash of pornography. This exposure put me on a path that I wasn't ready for. I didn't understand this new curiosity in my brain. No one talked about things like this. The seeds planted during that exposure led to problems that carried into adulthood and marriage. Fast-forward to my time as a middle school ministry director, where I watched parents drowning in a tidal wave of technology! Many of them just had no idea how to talk to their kids about difficult and awkward topics. These 2 experiences are the primary reasons why I created Protect Young Eyes. We stand in the gap between amazing parents who want to protect their children from online harm and and tech that does not care for families. And now, The PROTECT App will be the most powerful internet safety tool we’ve ever offered.

Chris McKenna's 2019 US Senate Judiciary Committee testimony was the catalyst for draft legislation that could radically change online child protection laws and earned Protect Young Eyes the NCOSE Dignity Defense Alert Award in 2020. The PYE team has performed over 1,100 presentations at schools, churches, and nonprofits and was featured in the Childhood 2.0 documentary. You can watch this powerful video below.

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