Grow closer to your daughter

as you grow closer to Jesus together!

She won’t just learn a Bible story, she’ll learn how to study the Bible!

In Ruth: Becoming a Girl of Loyalty, tweens will read through and respond to the entire book of Ruth and learn to practice the inductive Bible Study method. She’ll not only glean valuable life lessons from Ruth’s story, but important Bible study skills that will make the entire Bible come alive to her!

See the story of Ruth come alive for your daughter

Your tween girl will engage with God’s Word like never before! The book of Ruth (NLT) is printed right into the Bible study workbook alongside journaling space, puzzles, and fun, age-appropriate Bible lessons that guide your girl in finding meaning from God’s word. Your daughter will experience how rewarding it is to study the Bible!

She’ll learn to love God’s word!

Zoom Zoom Zero Zip!

Download our 4-Z method to help your daughter become an expert at studying the Word of God.

We'll teach her how to:

  • Zoom out—get the big picture
  • Zoom in—understand the details
  • Zero in—find out what it really means
  • Zip it—learn what God wants you to do with it

Get a sneak peek at our True Girl study method!

Join thousands of other moms and daughters in finding

freedom through the True Girl online Bible studies!

Freedom stories from past studies:

"The new Ruth Bible study is one you'll want to share with your daughter's friends and moms. It is inspiring, encouraging and fun! Not only is it great for young girls...but a great resource for anyone working with young girls that want to teach about loyalty, true friendship, finding joy in difficult times, dealing with mean people, and seeing God in circumstances."

-Amy, True Girl mom

If you want your daughter to prize her Bible, get her Ruth: Becoming A Girl of Loyalty. Every page will equip and inspire your girl to open her Bible and discover there's gold in them thar' hills!

Erin Davis, Co-host of Revive Our Heart’s Grounded & mother of four

“This Bible study is going to help me with anxiety problems and being able to talk about it more with my mom. This Bible study came along just at the right time to help me.”

Leah, 11

“I have always kept everything inside. When I get mad or get hurt or I’m struggling with something I didn’t tell anyone. Then I started to come to my mom about my problems, and she totally understands. I have found freedom by talking about my problems with my mom.”

Bailey Reese, 11

“I like that I am not the only girl that believes lies sometimes. Being able to spend this time with my mom has brought us closer together, and helped me to understand the lies I have believed. This study has made me feel free to be able to talk to my mom more about the lies that I have struggled with.”

Sophia, 8

“The Lies Girls Believe study is the very best that I've ever done. This is touching on things that are happening in the real world that my girl is dealing with today. It was the perfect thing that God used to draw these things out and to draw us closer to each other. It’s an answer to prayer as a mom.”

Mom of Anna Kate

"This study was life-changing for my 11 year old daughter. Is has really allowed her to take Biblical truths and look at a lie head on and say “I don't believe that.”
Within days of finishing it, she is showing the fruit of that!"

Mom of Ella

Grow closer to your daughter and to Jesus!

Follow the story of Ruth as her loyalty leads her to do the right thing over and over again—even when it’s hard!

During our study we’ll discover lessons in:

  • Loyalty
  • True friendship
  • Finding joy in difficult times
  • Dealing with mean people
  • Finding God in all circumstances
  • And more!

Ready to download some Truth into your girl’s heart?

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Doing the study as a mom+daughter pair? This is the best choice for you! It includes two copies of the book and the ability to watch the study on-demand.

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