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You want to see your tween girl thrive spiritually.

Instead, equip her with a tool box that helps her grow in her love for Jesus.

Meet the True Girl subscription box: her new Bible Study BFF. Intentionally packed with your tween (7-12) girl in mind, it’s full of daily devos to get her in the Word, mom+daughter dates that get you connecting, and exclusive bonus items from True Girl and other ministries we trust! It’s the most fun you’ll ever have digging into God’s Word together at home.

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From friendship to the fruit of the spirit, each box introduces an age-appropriate topic and provides resources and opportunities to discover biblical Truth together. Mom+daughter dates, daily devotions, and fun bonus items (super cute wearables, brand-new content, themed charms, and more!) all foster a love for Jesus and teach her to find freedom in the Bible.

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How it works:

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The daily devo book is so easy to use, and gets my daughter curious and more excited about God’s Word. It’s getting me in the Word more, too!

– Shermie

LOVE the subscription boxes!! We (yes me as mom) get excited when it comes in the mail!!

– Ashley

The past few months I’ve really seen her blossom as the fruits of the Spirit have become more apparent in her. Thank you for making such exciting resources that make her want to dig into her Bible and live a more committed life.

– Whitney

The box brought us closer together and opened the door for better communication. We love the daily devos so much! They touch on topics that are relevant to her (and often me too) and are short enough to keep her attention. Having the True Girl box also gives us an opportunity for special one-on-one time which is proving to have such a positive effect.

– Natalie

The box subscription has really helped her grow in the Lord and helped her overcome a lot of worry in her life. Because of her growth with Jesus, our growth as mother and daughter has also grown tremendously.

– Katie

During this entire Covid time, the Lord has used your ministry to mature our daughter In such a beautiful way. Since she has three brothers, the girly time has been a no-pressure, super fun connecting piece with mom, and yet the strong biblical input has been received very well because of the fun piece. It is very evident you have spent much time, prayer, and care into what you do.

True Girl Subscription Mom

My daughters have been so excited to receive the boxes and see what is in them! It has led to some great discussions that they otherwise wouldn't be as open to having.

True Girl Subscription Mom

As a busy mom I really enjoyed having the details laid out for me and the fact that I could keep it simple and budget-friendly. The strong biblical foundation that encourages my daughter and her relationship with the Lord on a deeper level with the fun has been fantastic. It’s clearly coming from a genuine place with true love for those you minister to!

True Girl Subscription Mom

We adored not only the focused girl time with goodies, but the biblical base for why we are doing what we are doing and how that is shaping our daughter at such a crucial age!

True Girl Subscription Mom

We know you have enough stuff.

That’s why we keep our values in focus as we make selections for every box. Our philosophy is simple—we want to help you teach your daughter to focus less on the world and more on The Word. We choose age-appropriate, Christ-centered themes for each box and fill them with items that adhere to our core values.

Core Values


The special edition charm bracelet!

Your first box includes the bonus gift of a collector’s True Girl charm bracelet to kick off your membership. Each box includes a monthly mother+daughter date plan and a commemorative charm to add to her bracelet after you complete the connection experience. It’s an adorable, wearable reminder of the truth she’s collected (as well as an exciting incentive to anticipate the next month's date)!


Welcome to The Wellness Box! This month you and your girl will dive into the conversation of physical wellness. Together, you’ll tackle questions such as “what does it look like to be physically well?” and “Why should it be important to us?” Your box will include everything you need to kick off a month-long wellness challenge!

Want to spoil the surprise? See what's inside!

Five-minute scripture-snacks will teach her the habit of Bible reading. Trusted teachers like Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph will help her digest the verse of the day.

Eight super important verses to learn the habit of hiding God's Word in her heart.

A Bible verse and fun coloring space foster the habit of meditating on God's Word.

To remind her of her wellness challenge!

One sticker just wasn't enough for this box! She'll need a whole sticker sheet to help decorate her brand-new True Girl water bottle!

A big part of our wellness challenge this month is teaching your girl to stay hydrated! When she looks at her new True Girl CamelBak water bottle, she’ll remember to keep drinking water.

True Girl lead teacher Staci Rudolph is a big fan of jump roping, so she couldn’t miss the opportunity to help pass her favorite activity on to your True Girl! This jump rope even includes a jump counter to help her keep track of her jumping!

We believe that working out is always a little more fun when you’re wearing the perfect pair of socks! So we’re including a super fun pair of True Girl socks. The winning design was voted on by hundreds of True Girls and moms, so they’re sure to be a hit!

This isn’t your typical pedometer! Our True Girl fitness tracker goes on your wrist (like a FitBit), and will help your daughter keep track of her steps! Steps aren’t the only thing she’ll be able to keep track of…This also includes a watch, so she’ll never lose track of time.

Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring! We searched hundreds of snacks to find something your True Girl is sure to enjoy fueling up with. Plus, this snack is GLUTEN FREE • NON-GMO • VEGAN • TOP 12 ALLERGEN FREE for worry-free snacking.

Stay tuned to find out more spoilers from The Wellness Box!


There’s a box for that!


Bonus Boxes

Add Bonus Boxes for Special Events! A connecting kit for all the meaningful moments you’ll face. Only members have exclusive access to order additional boxes for special occasions or specific topics.

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The digital bundle membership includes:

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    • Mother+daughter daily devotions
    • Mother+daughter connection activity
    • Printable memory verses
    • Downloadable meditation coloring pages
  • Discounts on True Girl live events! (And our boy’s event, too!)
  • Access to order bonus boxes for special events like birthdays, baptisms, & brothers.

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The ultimate experience membership includes:

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  • Boxes shipped every 60 days which include:
    • Printed versions of:
      • Mother+daughter daily devotions
      • Memory verse cards
      • Meditation coloring pages
      • Mother+daughter connection activities
    • ALL-NEW True Girl books, music, and other resources to enhance connection activity
    • Super cute wearables. (Think: t-shirts, socks, and hats.)
    • Themed charms. (We’ll send the bracelet in your first box.)
    • Occasional curated bonus gifts from ministries we endorse
  • Access to special boxes for baptisms, birthdays, and brothers...

Monthly Plan $30

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