You're invited to the World's Largest [online] Pajama Party
Saturday, April 4th • 7-8:30pm

Grab your favorite jammies and your Bible, The True Girl team is coming to your house and we're bringing a whole lotta friends! (It's all happening online so you can continue practicing safe social distancing.) During the True Girl World's Largest Pajama Party your 7 to 12-year-old daughter will:

  • learn to use the Bible to overcome fear.
  • be equipped to safely and practically love others.
  • enjoy online community with other girls & moms.
  • play interactive, competitive moms vs daughters games!
  • hang out with The True Girl Cast (& a few goats)
  • hear Bible teaching from Dannah Gresh & Chizzy Anderson

In light of our world's challenges, we sadly had to reschedule about thirty live events.

We heard a lot of our True Girls were sad, too. And we heard some of them are occasionally battling fear and loneliness. So, we’ve designed a special event just for you! We want to invite you to abide in God's Word, not just hide from a virus. (But do that, too. And wash your hands!)

The World's Largest Pajama Party is hosted by The True Girl Tour Team.

(Staci, Abby, & Kasey before we started practicing social distancing.)

Get your link to the private Zoom Room today!

We'll send you an email with a link to our event and everything you need to get ready to party in your PJ's and to create a wonderful connection experience with your daughter! Our ministry is facing some big financial hurdles, and we know you might be, too. So, this is how we're going to roll.

Join us for a gift of any amount.
(And we completely understand if that's $0!)

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