Bringing Moms+Daughters Closer to Each Other and Closer to Jesus.

True Girl was founded by best-selling author Dannah Gresh.


20 Years


Live Event Attendees


Countries Reached


Decisions for Christ


20 Years


Live Event Attendees


Countries Reached


Decisions for Christ

Connect at Home Through Books and Studies

Important conversations aren’t always easy. The True Girl library of books authored by Dannah Gresh offers tools that help you prepare for them as you direct her to biblical Truth. From mother-daughter Bible studies to fun fiction chapter books, True Girl resources will guide your girl in learning to love studying the Truth!

Tune in and discover the True Girl podcast!

Explore God’s Truth one 15-minute drive at a time. The True Girl podcast, hosted by Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph, is created to be enjoyed by tween girls, their moms, and the young-at-heart.

Season 11

Crazy for Jesus

Season 10

Becoming A Girl Of Faithfulness

Season 9

Becoming a Girl of Loyalty

Are you ever tempted to throw out a t-shirt because it’s so “last-year.” How about a friendship? We live in a throw-away world. Learn how to become a girl of loyalty.

Study the Bible Together

With our signature Zoom, Zoom, Zero, Zip Bible study method your daughter won't just learn Bible stories, she'll learn how to study the Bible!

We will teach her how to :

Parenting in an ever-changing world is tough.

Finding reliable, biblically-grounded information on today’s topics is even tougher. That’s why we bring together experts and expert encouragers from all different backgrounds to help you navigate everything from mental health and social media to gender identity and friendships.

Experience America’s Largest Mom+Daughter Stage Event!

Have a blast at the True Girl Crazy Hair Tour while we dive into the Truth of who God made us to be!


We’re Crazy for Jesus!

It’s time to bring back that rockin’ high school hair-do and teach your little girl what a can of hairspray and a flat iron can do! The True Girl Crazy Hair Tour is an event full of wild hair, dance offs, and biblical teaching where you and your girl can grow closer to each other while you both grow closer to Jesus!

Meet the True Girl Subscription Box

Enjoy mom+daughter discipleship experiences delivered straight to your home. Intentionally packed with your tween girl in mind, it’s full of tools and resources to get her into the Word. Each box contains a mom+daughter date that gets you connecting. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have digging into God’s Word together at home.

Meet The Founder

True Girl was created by best-selling author Dannah Gresh while raising her own tween daughter! Featured on Focus on The Family, USAToday, TEDx, and more, Dannah has devoted her ministry to providing moms with not only scientific research that helps them understand their daughter’s developmental stage, but also biblical Truth that encourages and guides them in how to approach it.

Introducing the True Girl Momcast

Join Dannah Gresh, Shani McKenzie, and Janet Mylin as they dive deep into God's Word to help you tackle the tough topics your daughter is facing.

episode 20

Not Today, Failure!

Let’s help our girls conquer the fear of failure solidifying what true, biblical success looks like.

episode 19

Filling Our Girls with Courage

We want our girls to be courageous for Jesus. We want them to speak God’s Truth in love.

episode 18

Eliminating “Mean Girl” Moments

Mom, we help our girls navigate hard things like how to deal with mean girls.

Episode #28: Six Strong Women Your Girl Should Follow!

Episode #28: Six Strong Women Your Girl Should Follow!

Lots of people are vying for your daughter’s attention. So many...

Episode #27: Don't Back Down From Bullies!

Episode #27: Don't Back Down From Bullies!

Here’s a question for you: What does the Bible really...

Episode #26: Three Ways to Flourish as a Mom

Episode #26: How to Flourish as a Mom

Everyone goes through hard times as a mom. Today you’re...

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