Season 1

8 Conversations about True Beauty & Dignity

Discover your true worth through Jesus Christ! Season one of the True Girl podcast launches practical mom+daughter conversations that dispel the world’s lies about how we look and feel. Dannah Gresh & Staci Rudolph encourage the pursuit of inner beauty by spending time with God.


1. A Masterpiece Created by God

In a world that promotes a standard of beauty that's unattainable, does your tween know she’s a masterpiece created by God? Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph help you drive home the Truth with Ephesians 2:10. Chizurouke Anderson makes a guest appearance to narrate a story about a tea cup that we hope you never forget!

2. Real Physical Beauty

Girls of all ages have been trying to solve a mystery since the beginning of time. They’ve been asking: Just what is real beauty? Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph unmask lies about our worth and the shocking price tag for today’s fake beauty. Then they’ll turn to the Bible for the Truth every girl needs.

3. The Source of True Beauty

Where does true beauty come from? To learn the Truth, you’ll have to drive further than the mall and search somewhere other than the Internet. Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph will help you find the Source of true beauty with a look at I Peter 4. This episode features a dramatic reading from The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis.

4. The Power of Beauty

Today we’ll explore a girl’s special super power. Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph will teach you about the power of beauty. Together we’ll open God’s Word to give you some ideas of how you should . . . and should not use it. Ultimately, this is a power that has to be brought under the control of Jesus Christ.

5. Truth or Bare Fashion

Buckle up! We’re about to talk about fashion and...wowser...lots of girls seem to have forgotten parts of their skirts or shirts or shorts! But Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph are gonna take the awkward right out of that difficult topic as we explore Truth or Bare Fashion! Chizurouke Anderson makes a guest appearance to tell the true story about a very confused peacock.

6. The Bod Squad

What’s friendship have to do with true beauty and bringing it under the control of God’s Spirit? Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph drive home what Ephesians 4:17 teaches us about peer pressure. Be warned: they’re not monkeying around. (Ok, they might monkey around a little!) 

7. Wearing Internal Fashion

A True Girl knows that true beauty is not determined by what you wear on the outside. It’s all about what you wear on the inside. Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph invite you to “accessorize” your heart. You’ll enjoy a truly unique look at the story of a wedding banquet found in Matthew 22.

8. Affirmation of Beauty

Do you know just how much Jesus loves you? Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph bring Psalm 45 to life as a story. It’s one that will help you remember that the most important thing about your heart is the presence of Jesus.


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