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Hey True Girl Dads!

It's about time we offered some tips to you! We imagine you have just a few questions about your tween daughter, like “Is she really from another planet?” In this blog series, Bob Gresh, author of 8 Great Dates for Dads and Daughters will answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Dads.

How can I build my daughter’s confidence?

While you can and should verbally affirm your daughter on a daily basis, I find that teaching her something seems to boost her confidence level. I believe that the handyman does not always have to be a guy. Spend quality time with her by teaching her: how to fix the toilet when it overflows, car maintenance, setting a mousetrap, finding the water main, repairing the fence, painting the wall – even killing a spider. It can be empowering for her to know that she is strong and capable and that she doesn’t always need a rescuer to do it for her.

Teaching her life skills like budgeting, yard work, and house repairs equip her to be self-sufficient and teach her that she can be independent. Build her up and encourage her as you work on projects together. Let her have a shot at it. We’re already proud of our daughters – but sometimes it’s nice to watch her be proud of herself.