Eight Great Modest Swimsuit Websites

By Dannah Gresh, Creator of Secret Keeper Girl

Dressing modestly AND CUTE day after day is a difficult task. (And at Secret Keeper Girl we think cute matters, too.) Dressing modestly when it is warm out and the pool is open might seem like and impossible task. NOW ADD YOUR DAUGHTER! It could be a recipe for a mother/daughter tear-fest! Drum roll please—and make sure it’s on a Caribbean kettle drum, because we’ve got eight great places to shop for modest bathing suits that are both modest and cute. There are enough clickables in this blog post to send your fear of swimwear shopping fleeing!

But first, here are three important things to discuss with your tween or teen daughter before you click on any of these links. (I’ve learned the hard way that establishing your swimwear expectations before you shop can cut back on the drama.) And these three mini-conversations will help you open her mind to solid wisdom and her heart to a positive experience.

  • Tell her that swimwear is for SWIMMING. Swimsuits are fine for jumping in the ocean or pool, but a Secret Keeper Girl covers up when she gets out. “Laying out” to catch a few rays may be okay with girlfriends, but not when there are guys around. Helping your daughter dress appropriately for every occasion doesn’t have to be difficult! Whether it’s a pair of board shorts with a t-shirt or a fun frilly cover-up, there are lots of creative options! (Some of our top ten places below feature fantastic cover ups!)
  • Focus on what she CAN purchase. Take care not to have an overly-negative conversation about what she cannot wear. Instead focus on the positive. What do you want her to look for? Do a bit of online perusing and show your girls some suits you think are modest. (The photos below are a great start.) We’re partial to tankinis, especially ones with shorts because they’re usually less form-fitting than a one-piece. Show your daughter that modest swimwear can be cute. When you are teaching your girls about modesty, it’s crucial to show them what you can say “yes” to, or all they hear is “no” and that can crush their spirits.
  • Remind them that mom gets the final approval. IF they understand this from the beginning, they will be seeking your opinion as opposed to having you interject your veto power. This is a place where you could share a few things that might result in the answer “no.” Let her know to avoid sheer fabric, bikinis, plunging necklines, or high-cut hips. (Of course, sharing an embarrassing moment to prove your point always adds some credibility and makes the conversation a little more light hearted! Maybe that time you found out how white swimsuits get see-thru after you’re wet!)

Without further delay, here are my top picks for modest AND CUTE swimwear online. (I really prefer not to shop at those places that shamefully cover a woman’s body in drag colors and hideous styles. There are a lot of modest swimwear sites out there that do that. It’s easy. What’s difficult is to create suits that a girl would actually want to wear that are still modest. These sites are those!)

Eight Great Places To Buy Modest AND CUTE Swimwear Online*

1.) Jessica Rey   •  Model and actress Jessica Rey has created an adorable line of swimwear for women, juniors, and girls that hints at vintage.  I love her fashion sense and her heart, which can be heard in The evolution of the swim suit video I’ve posted at the end of this blog. It’ll give your mama’s heart a boost of courage for swimwear shopping. This is my favorite place to recommend for swimwear!

Madeline in Mint by Jessica Rey

2.) Solar Tex  •   Solar Tex features rash guards, board shorts and other swim apparel that are comfy and cute with sun protection in mind. As tweens, my girls really loved wearing board shorts over their swim suits when they weren’t in the water because they could play in the sand without concern about their suit gapping open at the crotch. This site has stuff for women, juniors, and girls.


Fitted sun shirt and boardie shorts by Platypus at Solar Tex

3.) Lands End  •   While these suits may be more standard in design, they’re great quality and promise a modest look. And Land’s End usually carries some super cute cover ups. I recommend this mostly for the tween girls, but your juniors might also find something they like.

Boy shorts tankini by Lands End

4.) Hanna Anderson  •   For the most mix and match fun you’ll ever have in your life, head on over to Hanna Anderson that coordinates one pieces with two pieces with shorts with rash guards. Trust me. You’ll have fun. (For example, would you put this cute little skirt with the matching floral tankini top or the rainbow tankini top?) This site only has clothing for your little ones and tweens up to age 13.

Girls crossback tankini tops and swim skirt by Hannah Anderson

5.) Kohls  •   I’ve always felt like Kohls has a great selection of tankinis. And they’re generally an economical place to shop. Of course, you can find swimwear for tweens, teens, and moms here! We slipped them in here even though they’re kind of one of the big and easy to find places because I’ve had a lot of success finding modest and cute at Kohls! (Check out the brand name on the one I’m featuring below!)

ZeroXposure floral tankini set for Kohls

6.) Lime Ricki •   What I love about Lime Ricki isn’t just that they offer some cute modest suits, but that their models are all sizes and very realistic! If there’s anywhere we need realistic, it’s in the swimwear department! A great website for moms and teenagers to find good suits.

Lemon dot racer back by Lime Ricki

7.) Red Dolly Swimwear on Etsy •   These suits are so fun. Red Dolly Swimwear creates really cute vintage looks. They don’t claim to be all about modesty, but some of their one pieces and tankinis fit the bill and are super cute for your teen or for you.

Lemon dot racer back by Lime Ricki

8.) Hapari •   Welcome to tankini heaven! Hapari features ten different styles of tankini, and each style comes with a whole lotta patterns and fun. This is a great place to find a suit for a teen daughter or for yourself.

Blouson tankini top in vintage folly by Hapari

For more modesty boosting ideas as we head into the warmer months, come to one of our LIVE Secret Keeper Girl events which always feature an amazing tween fashion show and our (almost world famous) Truth or Bare Fashion Tests! Parenting young teen girls can be tough, but we want to help you connect! The events are the most fun a mom and 7-12-year-old daughter ever have digging into God’s Word to learn about modesty, true beauty, and purity.

And…here’s a great mother/daughter learning experience and the video I promised you featuring Jessica Rey and The evolution of the swimsuit.


*This is not to be an endorsement of every article of clothing created by a designer or sold by a retailer, but to direct you towards some places that tend to be consistent in offering quality swimwear that’s both modest and cute. (It’s likely they may also sell some items that we don’t think are modest.)

Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girl Tour is a faith-based mother-daughter connecting experience. This 2 1/2 hour event features two fun fashion shows that demonstrate modesty and true beauty, deep Bible teaching, live worship, and stories that help girls aged 7-12 embrace true beauty and modesty. Incredible balloon sculptures, mother/daughter activities and conversation time & colorful confetti cannons make the night unforgettable.


shop for swimwear - April 19, 2013

Great article. Keep writing and shower your readers with such useful information. Keep it Up!!!

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Gina Shirley - May 14, 2013

We love to shop at Land’s End. They have swim shorts and swim shirts. The shirts are Short sleeve (not sleeveless or strappie), nice and long (don’t come up when swimming) and have an extra lining in the front.

    Melissa - March 24, 2014

    We shop Lands End every year for my daughter and I! Great, modest options!

    Rene - March 25, 2014

    We like Land’s End as well. If you shop their sales or online outlet, you can get a suit for about the same price as department stores.

Wanda - May 14, 2013

They are pricey but Divine Modestee has really cute swimwear for moms and girls. I’ve got a suit from there that I got in a warehouse sale so it was only about $45, but it is great quality and will last a long time. When my girl is a little older I hope to snag another good deal there on a suit for her. In the meantime, we’re still able to find tankinis with shorts. She loves them because it’s easier to use the toilet and I love them because they are more modest than a one-piece.

Kelly - June 21, 2013

Thanks for the helpful tips. This is always a big to-do every year in my house.

Victoria - January 14, 2014

I have a very grown up little tween that can’t wait to be a grown up. That means a two piece to her. We talked about modesty, we talked about why, she wore one pieces but was not happy about it. She tried one on last summer, and offhandedly I offered up that she looked classy. That was it. Now, she can’t wait to try to “find” classy one pieces. She does struggle with the “tan lines”. I ask her who is seeing the tan lines on the other girls…and what does that suggest. It has worked so far. We were surprised by Justice (I only will let her shop online with this store because there are other temptations there) and by Ruum. Good luck ladies~

Bethany - March 24, 2014

Rey Swimwear!!!!!

Kara - March 24, 2014

Love Lands End. High quality swimwear that stays put. Cute tankinis and one piece suits. Also surf shirts and shorts sets. There is usually a 30% off deal available.

Hannah - March 25, 2014

I’m 16, and modesty is a HUGE part of who I am, I have 3 brothers, and know how hard it can be on guys when the opposite sex dresses in a revealing manner. That being said, I just went to Marshalls and got an adorable sky blue one piece with ruffles, and tried on a bunch of others, I’ve never seen so many modest one pieces and tankinis in the same place 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of immodest ones there too, but it’s worth checking out 🙂

ChrisM - March 25, 2014

I love sun shirts, also called rash guards. My boys wear them too. You get sun protection and they cover up to the neck. My daughter is only 9 so, so far this has worked. It doesn’t look frumpy because all surfers dress like this at the beach.

Stefanie - March 25, 2014

We’ve had luck @ REI this year. They have nice swim skirts & swim shorts. I like those paired with a rash guard top. Lands End has also been good for us in the past, I like that they have slim sizing.

Cara - March 25, 2014

http://www.limericki.com and http://www.hapari.com are both great sites for really cute modest swimwear

Shannon - May 14, 2014

Just bought a Speedo suit at Dick’s Sporting Goods for my 12 year old. She still likes to wear shorts over top. Love her!!

Melanie Suderman - May 14, 2014

We can’t afford the adorable online suits. So we buy Wal-Mart tankinis and add a triangle of fabric, to remedy the v-neckline. Then we add $7 swim shorts.

    Nique - March 7, 2017

    I am not a seamstress, but I’ve often wondered about adding fabric to the plunging v neckline. What type of fabric do you use? Or does it matter much?

      Dannah Gresh - May 12, 2017

      This blog post seems helpful! As for what kind of fabric, I think it depends on the dress. We like these lace inserts for a formal look, but have also seen girls match the fabric up pretty well for a different option.

Maria - March 3, 2016

Hapari. Love this site!!! They have bikinis of course, but offer a wide selection of modest suits tankinis, skirts, shorts, etc. They have a lot of sales throughout the year.

Wendy - March 3, 2016

My thirteen year old is a competitive swimmer. She swims daily 10 months of the year. Most racing suits are modest. I encourage those of you who are struggling to find something to check out the Dolfin brand “Uglies” (what they call their fun prints) on swim outlet. These suits hold up well, and keep everything in place and covered for tween and younger teen girls.

Nicole - March 3, 2016

While I love Secret keeper girl and all the great resources you provide to moms of tween girls, I disagree with this. I whole heartedly believe in teaching our girls to dress appropriately, however I see nothing wrong with the bikini. I am not going to shame my girls into covering up or hiding something that is beautifully made. If they are comfortable in a bikini they may wear one as do I. I will not teach my girls that boys can go shirtless but girls have to wear tons of uncomfortable fabric at the beach or pool. I respect whatever you choose as a mom, but Respect what I choose also. I teach my girls to not judge others based on what they are wearing. Let’s not teach our girls and boys that girls are being immodest or promiscuous if they are wearing a bikini.

    Kimberly - April 16, 2016

    I don’t think anyone was suggesting that girls who wear bikinis are promiscuous.

    Brenda - April 17, 2016

    Nicole, their is a great video on YouTube..I believe it’s Jessica Rey-The evolution of the swim suit…hope that’s the right one..very eye opening.

    April - March 3, 2017

    Modestly is not shaming. It’s knowing our worth. It’s reserving the reveal of our bodies for our spouses. If we wouldn’t go grocery shopping in a bikini, then why do we now think it’s ok to hang out at the pool or water parks that way? It’s eye opening. Many agree that boys and men should wear shirts/rash guards also. They are already wearing shorts below the knee, which is hugely different than girls in bikinis. The same holds true for the shorts selection for women/girls being so tiny in comparison for those marketed to men and boys. The mindset is to honor God. It is not one of shaming others and suggesting impurity. I hope that’s clear.

Icivle - March 3, 2016

I am a mom of elementary age boys, but I notice the way even little girls dress…looking at comments, while these suggestions are helpful, they are not practical for many. Does anyone else have suggestions for cheaper options? I buy my suits at Lands End and LL Bean only on sale, and they are clearly better quality and stay put better, but there is no way I could afford that price every year as a child grows!

Rebecca - March 3, 2016

I have found GREAT stuff for both my daughter and myself (and my husband and son) at Lands End, UV Skinz, and Sun Protection Zone! Cute, modest, and great sun protection! We went to Florida for a vacation, and I splurged on a pair of skirted leggings and a cute swim/sun shirt from Land’s End. I love it! I felt so cute all week!

    Jeannine Skelton - April 9, 2016

    Love limericki.com. They have styles both teen and parents like and approve. Fast shipping too.

Jess - April 9, 2016

I have 2 daughters who are 16 months apart and wear the same size. At ages 7 and 8 they are TALL and slim and we have had a hard time finding one piece suits that are long and lean. Most of the time when they fit their backside the top is way too low for comfort. We end up with a lot of tankinis which are actually nice because they can run to the bathroom a lot easier. Living in Florida, we spend tons of time at the pool and water park. I second the suggestion for Marshalls/TJMaxx! I have tons of cute tankinis there for under $15 and when you have to buy doubles, price really matters! Also, Old Navy usually does one Saturday of 50% off swimwear in the late spring and we stock up then on rashguards, board shorts, and multiple suit options there.

Tara - April 9, 2016

My daughter wore swim shorts and swim shirts when she was younger, but now that she is developing, she really needs some padding in the chest area. Are there any swim shirts that have built- in bras or something?

    Charmaine @ Secret Keeper Girl - May 6, 2016

    Hey Tara, when shopping for bathing suits, look for the ones with padding. That will help!

    :) - March 2, 2017

    This is gonna sound really strange…but if you get a mastectomy swimsuit from Land’s End, it has about twice as much padding there. I have one and it’s wonderful–I never have to worry about anything showing through, and it is more supportive.

    Nique - March 7, 2017


    I myself prefer to wear a rashguard and hipster/skirted bottom so I bought a sports bra specifically for wearing under the rashguard. I was concerned that after swimming the shirt would dry faster than the bra and leave an odd wet spot across my chest, but this hasn’t been a problem at all. Hope that helps!

Allyce - April 9, 2016

I suggest that Christians follow the lead of observant Jews, and yes, even Muslims when it comes to swim-wear. There are several sites where truly modest swimsuits can be found. HydroChic, Aqua Modesta, etc.

Danielle schaff - April 9, 2016


Their mission is modest swimwear!!

Rosanna Lindeman - April 16, 2016

Old Navy had really cute swim skirts and swim tees last year. We stocked up on end of year summer clearance too. Hoping they continue that this year.

Also Limericky.com.

Rebecca - April 16, 2016

I love Land’s End for my daughter and myself! They have the cutest swim leggings that have a skirt attached – I bought a cute swim shirt to go with, and I love it! I feel so cute! 🙂 Also, less sunscreen needed! We also love UV Skinkz, (online) and Sun Protection Zone (online and sometimes at Costco). Cute, fun, modest and much better sun protection!

Elizabeth - June 24, 2016

Before I started my own clothing boutique, I had success finding swimsuits at Lime Ricki. The only downsides to their items is that I found them to be really tight and pricey.

Lynae - March 2, 2017

Thanks for posting this! We have 4 girls between the ages of 13-5 and we are in the midst of swimsuit shopping and frustration for this very reason. I will be checking these sites out, appreciate the info and what your organization represents!

:) - March 2, 2017

I have never actually had one of these, but they look beautiful and certainly cover way more than a normal swimsuit…they come in both one and two piece.

    April - March 3, 2017

    This is actually the site my family has been looking at. These are indeed modest and more align with that goal! I think this site will be our next suit shopping experience.

Nadae - March 4, 2017

I just want to throw another one into the mix. Athleta. It is an athletic store for women. The XXS fits my size 14, preteen daughter. They have awesome bottoms that look like regular shorts, but are actually swim bottoms, along with boy shorts (which are hard to find!). Not as many choices for the top, but they do have stylish rash guards that both my daughter and I love. 🙂

Nic - March 6, 2017

I love HAPARI swimwear! (www.HAPARI.com) They do have a new line of Midkinis that I have recently tried (and LOVE) for those that do not want to wear a full tankini but want more coverage than a normal bikini top. I have lots of their styles and they are comfortable as well as fashionable. I definitely second your recommendation!

Nique - March 7, 2017

For the last several years I have found great things for my girls (and myself) at Old Navy and UV Skinz. We have three boys and three girls. All wear modest and UV protective suits.

Paula - March 14, 2017

What do you all think about many of these ‘modest’ swimsuits stacking up against the Secret Keeper “truth or bare” modesty test, especially #3 and #4? Never mind seeing the outline of underpants through your pants, most swimsuits ARE like underpants. And how short is too short if you are already in a swimsuit that IS like underpants that your longer shorts are supposed to cover up. Just because these swimsuits are ‘more modest’ than the bikinis out there doesn’t mean they stack up to what is being given to girls as modesty guidelines through Secret Keeper’s normally good advise here. I don’t think the change in setting (beach or pool vs. church or school) magically changes the rules. I hope this week’s webinar addresses this.

    Dannah Gresh - May 12, 2017

    Hi Paula! We don’t think modesty changes. (We also don’t like the word rules at all! We try to avoid it.) We teach that modesty means to be “appropriate.” NONE of these things would be appropriate in school or while giving a piano recital performance! But they are very appropriate in the water. On top of that, we think that a girl should wear this only in the water and not to play around. We recommend cut cover ups for when you’re not in the water. You may have a different opinion. That’s ok. We love ya and hope you can love us, too!

Anonymous - March 19, 2017

These aren’t very cute:((

    Dannah Gresh - May 12, 2017

    Awe. We think they are! But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it! Keep looking for suits that you think are cute but are also tasteful!

Julia Hebe - March 22, 2017

Its Hanna Andersson, not Hannah Anderson. Good company and great quality kids clothes.


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