Clarify What Your Daughter Believes About Being a Girl

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By Dannah Gresh, Founder of True Girl

We asked 1,531 church-going tween girls this question: “How do you feel about being a girl?”
For the results of our survey and three conversations you must have to clarify your daughter’s beliefs, keep reading!

Dissonance about gender has been around for a long time. Some women have wanted the power men seem to possess in the workforce. Still, others have attractions that don’t line up with traditional biological magnetism.

A girl may like to play with trucks or hunt with her dad. A boy may love the color pink or gardening with his mom. These desires don’t fit into cultural stereotypes. Even so, most children who experience them grow up to be comfortable with their biological sex.

Your daughter may never have questions about being a girl, but someone she knows will. Prepare her for the conversations THEN by building a foundation of biblical Truth NOWwithout robbing her of her innocence.



Most Christian child development experts agree that what a child believes by their 13th birthday is generally what they die believing. While your 7 to 12-year-old daughter may not be ready to talk about sex and gender directly, it is critical that you lay foundational truths concerning:
  • The purpose of her body.
  • The wonder of being a girl.
  • The worth of her being.

If you do not talk to her about these related issues, your silence could become the very megaphone the world needs to communicate its lies.

Root your daughter in biblical Truth. God created her. He knows how her body, mind, and spirit work.

I’m Dannah Gresh. I’ve been studying sexuality, gender, and child development as a mother and researcher for over twenty years. No one has a greater impact on what her daughter believes about being female than Y-O-U! I want to put you in the driver’s seat of directing your daughter towards a biblical view of womanhood. My new True Girl Summer Subscription introduces critical concepts to understand gender in an age-appropriate way.

I haven’t forgotten about the survey I promised to share with you.

When I wrote Lies Girls Believe as part of a series of books I helped Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth create, we asked over 1,500 church-going girls from Christian homes what they believed about being a girl. Here’s what we discovered:

48% chose “It’s great to be a girl.”
46% chose “Sometimes it’s hard, but I usually enjoy being a girl.”
1% chose “I don’t like being a girl.”
4% chose “I don’t think there's a difference between boys & girls." ¹

There’s a lot of good news there, but don’t you want to be 100% sure that your daughter understands the wonder, worth, and role of being female? Some of the respondents who didn’t like being a girl left comments like these:

  • I’m aware that girls are treated & perceived differently than boys, even though girls can accomplish anything.
  • It’s harder than being a boy.
  • I want to be strong like a boy.

I want your daughter to be strong, too! But I want her to be strong like a girl.

Would you let me guide you through three critical conversations that will help your daughter believe it’s great to be a girl? I’d love to send three beautiful boxes of encouragement to your daughter during this unusual summer to brighten her days.

You’ll also receive a newly produced coaching video I’ve created just for you. It will help you clarify what you believe about womanhood and test it against God’s Word. The entire experience culminates in a monthly mother/daughter “date” that’s really a biblical object lesson on steroids.


Subscribe today to enjoy the savings and gain access to all three conversations!




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