Easter Devos Day 3: What is "Calvary"?

By heather

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When they came to a place called The Skull [Calvary], they nailed him to the cross. And the criminals were also crucified - one on his right and one on his left.

Luke 23:33

The word Calvary makes an appearance in many of the songs we sing in church, but have you ever wondered what Calvary is? Basically, Calvary refers to the name of the mountain or hill on which Jesus was hung on the cross to die. Another name for the location is Golgotha. Both words mean "the skull".

Some believe it was called that because it was a place of execution and there were many skulls and bones that littered the ground. Others believe the hill was named for it's rocks that were bleached by the sun, causing them to resemble skulls. Some even say there's a possibility that from a distance something about the shape of the hill actually looked like a giant, human skull. A little bit creepy, huh?

One thing is definitely true about Calvary: It was not pretty. It wasn't a rich, grassy park, where families would take picnic baskets and spend the afternoon. When Jesus was making his way up to Calvary, he wasn't caught up in the beauty of the wildflowers growing around the base of the cross. When Jesus stumbled up the hill, the only beautiful thing that surrounded him was his great love for every human. His great love for you.

And because of Calvary, you and I have the opportunity to receive God's free gift of eternal life with him in Paradise.

Because of Calvary, I know my sins are forgiven.

Because of Calvary, I am pure and clean.

Because of Calvary, I have access to his power to live in victory.

Because of Calvary, hope can not be taken away from me or you.

Action point: Parent, have your kids close her eyes while you read Luke 23:26-46 out loud. Kids, while you listen to the words describing the crucifixion of Jesus, ask God to give you a new view of the Cross and Calvary. Thank him for going to "The Skull" for you.

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