Easter Devos Day 5: Famous Last Words

By heather

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When Jesus had tasted it, he said, "It is finished!" Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.

John 19:30

You've heard of Albert Einstein, right? He's known as the "father of modern physics." Physics is the study of nature in order to understand how the world and the universe do what they do. Albert Einstein is the one people refer to when they think of the "smartest person ever." He did all sorts of really important things, most of which I don't even understand because they're so complicated.

One odd thing about Einstein's death is that nobody knowns what his last words were. When he died in a hospital in 1955, he spoke something in German. Unfortunately, the nurse who was with him at the time didn't understand German.

The last words someone speaks are usually important, especially to those closest to the one who speaks them. Jesus' last words were no exception. He spoke a few things while he hung on the cross in the moments before his death but maybe one of the most well-known sentences is, "It is finished."

When you look at the Greek meaning of "It is finished," it means,

It's the end. I've reached my goal. It's accomplished. Complete. Made-Perfect. 

It was an announcement that what Jesus had come to do was done. He came to die on the cross so humans could have eternal life, and that's exactly what he did. God's perfect plan of salvation through is Son, Jesus, had been completed.

One really cool thing about Jesus' last words, "It is finished," is that it didn't mean the end. In fact, it meant that for you and me and everyone else who believes in him, it was just the beginning.

Action point: Go to the library or open your computer and look for a photo of Albert Einstein. He's a unique looking individual, right! What do you think his words might have been? Do you think he used hairspray or did his really smart brain make his hair stand up? Just for fun, tonight give each other Einstein hair! Take a silly picture and thank God for his perfect plan to give you joy and eternal life.

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