Mother/Daughter Date: GIRLS NIGHT OUT

By charmaine

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On this date, we want the conversation you have with your daughter to focus on the truth that her primary purpose is to glorify God. Since that means she must make him known and visible, her primary practice will be to look like Him. Have fun on this 'Girls Night Out'!

Challenge Activity: Girl’s Night Out

Key Verse: Genesis 1:27

Key Thought: God made girls to reflect his image.

Suggested Challenge Setting: A fun place to eat out like a tea house or sports club. Use your daughter’s personality to pick the kind of place where you’ll host your girl’s night out.

Recommendation: Do this with a group of women. Ideally, women and their daughters who are using this book. Since each woman will be different in her expression of femininity, your daughter will be able to avoid getting stuck in stereotypes while still embracing her role as a woman.

Materials You’ll Need at Your Destination:

• Each adult or young adult woman attending should bring a photo (pulled from a magazine or taken by herself) that represents what it means to be a woman and why she loves it. (Ideas: This can be a picture of a tom boy playing softball and the woman who shares it can say that she loves being a woman who gets to play sports. Or it can be a picture of a woman with a baby and the woman who shares it can say she loves that women get to give birth and care for babies. You get the idea. Let it reflect the woman. The photos will be as diverse as your guest list.)

• It's Great to Be a Girl book by Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel.

Select your destination, and invite your guests. Make sure you tell them to bring a photo that is reflective of their style of womanhood.

Once you are at the restaurant, you have one specific task, and it’s very easy: each woman will share her thoughts on womanhood by presenting the pre-selected photo to your daughter (or to the entire group if you are doing it as a small group). (More ideas: This can be a picture of a little girl playing dress up and the woman who shares it can say that she still loves it when she gets to dress up and express her beauty. Or it can be a picture of a woman working and the woman who shares it can say how she loves that God invites women to work hard.) Each photo can be presented to your daughter after it is explained.

You’ll wrap up this sharing time by presenting your own photo and the conversational teaching in this chapter.

Have your conversation at dinner after the meal is cleaned up or during dessert as a group. If you are using It’s Great To Be A Girl, do Meditation #2 together or assign it as homework.

If you do not have that book, you can discuss these things.

  1. Read Genesis 1:27 and talk about the word God uses to describe maleness and femaleness. (Answer: image or statue.) What does it mean that we are the image or statue of God? (Answer: Because he wants others to see him and so we must look like him in some way.)
  2.  List some ways that boys and girls are very different. (Answer: Body parts, physical strength, interests, etc.) Review why God would have us be so very different, but still be capable of using us to look like him? (Answer: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are distinctively different and yet unified in to one. Since man and woman are different, but can become united in marriage we are a picture of God.)
  3.  Read Ephesians 5:31,32. Talk about how maleness and femaleness comes together to be one. (Answer: Marriage.)

Budget Cruncher: A Girl’s Night Out at someone’s home can be a less expensive way to facilitate this conversation and every bit as fun. Each woman can bring one dish to share. You and your daughter should either make your food together before you go or make separate dishes. Let her be a part of the food fun! Here are some themes that could make food prep really fun as well as a few recipes. 

*This devo was taken directly from It's Great to Be a Girl by Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel. Get your copy today!




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