FREE Chocolate Overload Mom+Daughter Date to Talk About Periods!

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This is the big one, mom! The conversation everyone wants a book to help with.

Basically all Christian psychologists and family experts out there all agree that the big sex talk needs to take place much earlier than we, as parents, are generally comfortable having it. What happens if you wait? Jimmy Hester, founder of True Love Waits and editor of the biblically-based Christian Sex Education says that  “By ten or eleven years, many children who have not received adequate instructions about the facts of sexuality become disturbed and worry about what is real. They usually have heard bits and pieces of facts from peers.” Moms, you’ve got to begin to have the conversation about sexuality when your daughter is between the ages of six and ten. This mom+daughter date will help you initiate this conversation.

Challenge Activity: Death By Chocolate

Subject: Periods and (possibly) sex.

Setting Options: chocolate factory, a fondue restaurant, a chocolate fountain at home

Materials You’ll Need at Your Destination: 

•Ingredients for your own chocolate night at home, if you choose that option. (See the sidebar for chocolate recipe ideas.)

•A gift basket or bag filled with tampons, pads, pain relievers, body patches, and chocolate

•Photos of baby in utero (can be found using the internet)


For the best results also have a copy of  It’s Great to Be A Girl by Dannah Gresh & Suzy Weibel. Do Meditation #7 together.

If you do not have that book, you can discuss these things.

  1.  Read John 16: 21. Does having a baby hurt? (Answer: Yes. It’s a lot of work for a body to do.) Does a mother remember the pain? (Answer: No. She forgets it and only remembers the joy. You might explain how this has been lived out in your own life.)
  2.  How are you feeling about getting your period in the next few years?  (Answers will vary. Help her focus on the positive gift of her cycle.)
  3.  Do you have any more questions about how your body creates life? (This is important whether you have or have not already had the sex talk. It may be the prompt she needs to ask what she’s really thinking. If you have had the talk, it may make her feel comfortable asking questions about it. You want to be the authority on all things related to gender and sex so make sure she knows she can ask anything at any time.)

Chocolate Date Location Ideas

Chocolate Factory
Visit a small chocolate boutique or a large chocolate factory and learn about chocolate. Be sure to enjoy taste-testing. Take a bag home to share with dad.

Chocolate Fondue at a Restaurant
Restaurants like The Melting Pot have killer fondue. Just make sure to make a reservation as it you can wait for prolonged periods of time if you do not.

Chocolate Campfire
If the weather is nice, you could consider lighting up a campfire and making S’mores for this date. Here’s my tip for the world’s best S’more. Find a clean rock and place it near the heat of the fire. Put your graham cracker and chocolate on the rock so the chocolate warms and softens while you are roasting your marshmallow. Be careful it doesn’t turn to liquid chocolate. Yummmm!

*This mom+daughter conversation plan was taken directly from It's Great to Be A Girl Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel. Get your copy today!


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