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"How To" for Dads: Talking About Her Period

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Hey True Girl Dads!

It's about time we offered some tips to you! We imagine you have just a few questions about your tween daughter, like “Is she really from another planet?” In this blog series, Bob Gresh, author of 8 Great Dates for Dads and Daughters will answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Dads.

How do I talk to my daughter about her period? Should I acknowledge it?

Yes, I said "her period." Breathe, man. It’s not rocket science. Your daughter is growing up way too fast before your very eyes and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it. If you’re anything like me, this can be very difficult to watch… after all, she is our little girl.

Nearly forty percent of girls starting their period have never heard about it from their parents. It’s not uncommon for girls to approach this phase of puberty and suddenly feel uncomfortable around Dad. She might not want you to hug her or love on her the same way you’ve always done. She may suddenly become embarrassed or stand-offish. Girls are often confused by their body changes and are embarrassed to talk about it… especially with you.

You might think this is “mom’s job.” Well, the truth is, the best way for you to help your daughter transition into womanhood is to get involved. Don’t skip out on this important event in your daughter’s life! Yes, it’s probably going to seem really awkward… you want to show your daughter support; that you’re compassionate and understanding of everything going on in her heart, life and body. When she sees this in you, it’s likely she will become more accepting of the changes and confident as a result.

I know this is a hard one – but you will survive. It’s so worth knowing that your daughter doesn’t feel she has to hide from you or feel embarrassed by you knowing. The more open you can be with your girl; the more honest and transparent you can be – the better off she will be! One of the greatest things you can offer your daughter, especially when she begins her period is your love, approval and acceptance.

Consider celebrating this milestone with an extra-special date night or a meaningful letter or gift, whatever she's most comfortable with. Show her you’re on her team. You.will.be.ok. Remind her that she will always be your little girl and you love her just the same.



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