How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Unique Personality

By Hannah Price

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Is your daughter an introvert who can't wait to recharge and read a good book? An extrovert who just loves being surrounded by big groups of friends? What about the rest of your family?
Every one of God’s children has been given different interests, abilities, and desires. That means you and each of your children will approach challenges and opportunities differently. And that you’ll discover unique opportunities to use your gifts in service to God and others.
For this week’s Camp Staycation Family Impact Activity, we're going to hit the trails to help you teach your daughter (and son!) how their unique personality can be used by God. Be sure to download the full PDF for all of the instructions and a conversation guide about today’s activity.


Take a walk around town or a park, or hit a trail on foot, bike, Horse or ATV


Did you know that no two zebras have the same stripes? And in a forest of a million trees, no two leaves are exactly the same? Infinite uniqueness exists in God’s creation, even among things that on the surface seem pretty much the same. So it is with us.
We’re each unique because God created us that way. And since God created our uniqueness, it must be both good and purposeful. Let’s spend some time pondering those two things. We should start at the very beginning.

Open your Bible and read Genesis 1 through Genesis 2:2 – the story of creation.

Notice the word that’s repeated over and over again to describe what God thought of His work– good! Well, except for the day on which he made us. On that day—the sixth one—He didn’t say what He made was good. He said it was very good. That’s worth noting!
Ephesians 2:10 NLT echoes this declaration. It reads, “For we are God’s masterpiece. . . created anew . . . to do the good things he planned for us long ago.” According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a masterpiece is “a work done with extraordinary skill; a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement”. Add to that definition the fact that we’re talking about God’s skill, and this means we are a supreme intellectual and artistic achievement! That’s very good, indeed.
No two masterpieces are alike. And how God created you is likely very different from the way he made each of your children. That is also very good, but complicated. The implication is that what sets one heart ablaze will pour water on another’s campfire.
A challenge or situation that excites you may stress and frustrate your child. Identifying which personality types exist in your family will bless you with a better understanding of one another. And that will set you up for success in all of life. The following family impact activity will give you insight into your own personality and that of your child. You’ll communicate more effectively and celebrate your discovery as you plan out and embark on this adventure together.


The first is for you to re-discover or explore for the first time...the unique personality types of each member of your family so that you can ultimately each feel more understood and better equipped to communicate effectively.
The second goal is time spent together exploring the outdoors in a way that suits you. Take a walk downtown, hit the trails for a hike or ride –anything that you find enjoyable. Hit the trail your own way!
The third is to talk with your child about their unique, God-given talents and how they may provide your child with unique opportunities to honor God through service to Him and others.


Perhaps you’ve done this before...great, you’re all set to go to the planning. If not, there are plenty of online personality assessments that you can take. We recommend you google “free DiSC personality test.” Have each family member take the test and then plan this family impact activity based on your observations.
We’re all different shapes, sizes, and appearances, possessing our own minds and senses. But, in general, we’ll fall into one of the four personality types based on the DISC test. Gary Smalley and John Trent used to help children understand what the outcome of the test meant for them by giving each personality type an animal to represent it so it could be easily understood. We've included that information on the downloadable PDF here.


You can do this on your own...or invite the family in the decision making. (The second will bring the personalities out right away!) However you do it, plan an adventure to “hit the trails” in a way that perfectly suits your family. Of course, that could be complicated if you have a child who scores high on I/Otter and wants to just be let loose to experience adventure with others...and another who is a high C/Beaver who desires a thorough plan and would rather do things slowly (and possibly more independently). That’s why this adventure is just the one to help you see your personalities and discuss them. We asked several boys and girls to share some of their most memorable trail outings. They reported everything from “hiking a trail” to “riding horses or ATVs” to “a walk downtown.”


Post photos on social media, being sure to tag Born to be Brave and True Girl or email us a photo of you with permission to share it on our social media pages. If you’ve completed the Tie Dye Party from Week 1, be sure you’re wearing your camp shirt and/or doing one of the Camp Staycation family impact activities. You will be entered to win our Ooey Gooey Ultimate Graham Prize worth over $500!


You can have this conversation before you hike, during your trail experience, or after it. Just be sure you do it. This is the real power of our Camp Staycation experiences. Read the story of creation to your children and share your thoughts. Consider asking your children some questions to get them thinking.
  • What is your favorite part of the creation story?
  • What do you think was God’s favorite creation? Why?
  • Do you think God created anything accidentally or without purpose?
  • Is there something about yourself that you don’t like?
  • Where do you see yourself in the creation story?

Read Ephesians 2:10 in a version that declares your child to be a masterpiece. Explain that no two masterpieces are alike. You could share the test results with them at this point and go over the strengths and challenges of each personality represented.


  • What do you think God has given you as a strength? (Be prepared to share what you believe your child’s gifts are)
  • What do you think God has given me as a strength?
  • What are some things you like to do to help others?
  • How are we different from one another?
  • How can we appreciate our differences?


End your Camp Staycation family impact activity in prayer. Ask the Lord to help you see yourselves as He sees you, love the parts of you that sometimes don’t seem so loveable, recognize the strengths and talents He’s given each person in the family, and believe that all of those things about you are “very good.”


Mark your calendar for July 24th for our Camp Staycation Online Family Campfire! Registration is NOW OPEN, and you won’t want to miss this great event for your entire family! Each week, we’ll release another Family Impact Activity over on the Camp Staycation homepage so your crew can make the most of this summer at home.



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