Dealing with the Makeup Monster

By charmaine

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MAKEUP! It can be a big deal for girls. And that means it can be a really messy mostrous topic for moms! Most little girls become interested in makeup after witnessing her mother put it on many times. It’s normal for girls to want to be and look like their mommies. If you’ve ever wondered why your daughter wants to help you as you clean the house, cook, or fold laundry - here’s your answer: she wants to emulate you! She looks up to you and admires you. She wants to be like you.

Usually her desire to wear makeup is no different. But as your daughter gets older, her reasons for wanting to dabble in makeup will probably expand as she encounters other girls her age. Unfortunately, there is no ‘correct’ age at which your daughter should start wearing makeup. For instance, Dannah began wearing light foundation in seventh grade but I (Charmaine) didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in college. Every girl and every face is different.

We think that instead of asking ‘when can I start wearing makeup?’ the question should be ‘what is your motivation’ for wearing makeup? In It’s Great To Be A Girl, authors Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel outline three reasons why your daughter may want to wear makeup and what they think of them. We encourage you to go over this part with your daughters.

Wearing Makeup to Cover-up
“Lots of people wear makeup to cover up scars, acne, or birthmarks.” This is the whole reason why concealer or coverup exists, but its important to not overuse those products. If you do, not only can this have you looking like a clown, it could also clog your pores which could lead to more zits. Dannah and Suzy remind us that “the Bible says everything should be done in moderation and that can certainly apply to makeup!”

Wearing Makeup for Beauty
‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ We’ve all heard that famous saying and we think it definitely applies here. “Everyone has her own definition of what is pleasing to look at. There is no true false standard when it comes to beauty. So does makeup make a girl look more beautiful? That would depend on those who are looking at the girl.” Besides, most people tend to think that too much makeup takes away from a person’s natural beauty.

Wearing Makeup to Look Older
A lot of times, girls start wearing makeup at young ages because they want to look more mature. You know what, that’s kind of just like telling a lie, right? We think so because “lies are anything we say or fail to say - anything we do or fail to do - that causes others to have an impression that is not true.” When you wear makeup to make yourself look like something that you’re not, you’re lying. Girls, we encourage you to enjoy being you, looking like you, and being young. It’s a beautiful and fun time of life!

Mom, when you see that your daughter’s motivation to wear makeup is pure, not for beauty or not to look older, take notice. When you see that your girl understands that her inner beauty is more important than her outer beauty so she isn't afraid to leave the house with an uncovered blemish, she just might be ready for you to take her to the nearest Sephora or Ulta for some fun! But ultimately, the answer of when should my daughter start wearing makeup is answered by “when Mom and Dad say it’s okay” - plain and simple.

Mother/Daughter Challenge: spend more time beautifying your soul than you do beautifying your face. Example - if you spend 5 minutes in the mirror getting ready (with or without makeup), spend at least 6 minutes with Jesus that day. Simple as that! Try it for a week and notice where the greatest change takes place - your face or your heart. 

* All quotes are taken from It’s Great To Be A Girl by Dannah Gresh and Suzy Weibel (2015).



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