Reclaiming the Lost Art of True Beauty

By Noli

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How much time do you spend in front of a mirror every day?

One survey revealed that the average woman spends one full hour a day in front of the mirror…

That’s 2 weeks a year and 5 months every decade working on what you look like!

Yikes! That’s a lot of time worrying about appearances!

In the same study, eight out of ten confessed that they’d spent a lot of time in the last month “feeling fat.” Seventy-seven were highly bothered about how they were aging and worried about their looks more than money, relationships, their career or friendships… Crazy right?

The truly interesting thing about these statistics is the fact that most of them were not spending an hour in front of the mirror every day because they enjoyed playing with makeup and trying out new hairstyles. Most of them didn’t enjoy it AT ALL!

These women spent an hour in front of the mirror each day out of fear. Fear of how they’d measure up to their filtered friends whose images on social media flaunted seemingly flawless photos. They’d been focusing so much on the appearance of others that they began to obsess about their own. This left them dissatisfied and even disgusted with their own reflection.

Let’s shift gears for a second… Your daughter is heading into those high risk years where these unhealthy habits are developing. The average teen girl spends one hour LONGER per week trying to compete and 80% of them will struggle with negative thoughts about their appearance.

If this doesn’t break your heart, it should!

True beauty is a lost art in our culture today and we must reclaim it! For too long our daughters have been victims of beauty lies! On the one hand they’re told that there is no difference between male and female. On the other, they are told that sensuality equals female beauty! These mixed messages can make things seem pretty hopeless.

But wait! There is good news in the midst of this self-conscious comparison game that mothers and daughters are tempted to play everyday.

This month I want to challenge you to be intentional about putting on the right “clothes.” I’m not talking about your favorite sneakers or that fun flowy sundress you like to wear at church on Sundays...I’m talking about the “clothes” you put on your heart!

Colossians 3:12 says:

“Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.”

A girl doesn’t just wake up with those things already on any more than she wakes up with the coolest pair of jeans and her favorite T-shirt! She has to clothe herself! She has to choose them just like she has to choose something out of a drawer or closet. She has to put them on!

How does she do that?

I think the answer is actually very simple: You get into God’s word...Every. Single. Day.

If you’d like to hear more about how you can help your daughter “clothe” her heart in the right things, check out this video to hear Dannah explain how you can teach her to put on the garments of TRUE beauty written about in God’s Word.

This video is our free resource to all our True Girls, but it's a really important piece of the monthly discipleship tools we provide to all of our subscribers along with daily devos, memory verse cards, a coloring mediation page, and a mom+daughter monthly date to discuss the core topic. Our all new True Girl subscription box, contains great tools to help your daughter grow her love for Jesus. There's even a box subscription level in which we ship you exclusive bonus items from True Girl and other ministries we trust! Trust us: it’s the most fun you’ll ever have digging into God’s Word together at home.



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