Sizing Yourself Up as a Dad?

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You don’t have to look hard to see that the goodness and leadership of men is under attack.

That's why Bob Gresh and a team of godly fathers stepped up to create Born To Be Brave, our father/son live event. Fathers have been applauding that radically different night of biblical “manstuff.” They say the event provides an opportunity to step up to the task of fathering with new courage, but they frequently express their fears to our lead teachers about being the “right kind” of dad. “They’re kind of sizing themselves up against the other dads,” says Bob Gresh. “We all do that and we all feel like maybe something is missing.”

At Born to Be Brave, Bob tells them about the three kinds of dads Robert Lewis writes about in A Modern Day Knight.

Absent fathers don’t show up.

Active fathers show up. They’re present and engaged, but not as intentional as they would like to be and they feel that gap in their parenting toolbox. The good news is that the very sense of need is what can launch them into making a few tweaks to
become what Lewis calls a strategic father.

Strategic fathers are intentionally engaged and strategic. They seek to understand biblical manhood and build a plan for their son to understand it, too. They find opportunities to connect to their son, so they can understand his unique strengths and call him to grow into the man God means for him to become. Born to Be Brave is one of those unique father/ son connection opportunities.

From the live worship to the meaty Bible teaching to the famed Wheel of Destruction, the night promises you’ll become a better dad in 2.5 hours flat. Guaranteed.

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