A Special Invitation & Urgent Prayer Request for True Girl Moms

By Noli

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By Dannah Gresh, Founder of True Girl

I write today with a heavy heart, an invitation, and a prayer request.

Why My Heart Is So Heavy...

This week I got a photo of one of my True Girls engrossed in her Bible when she was just nine years old.

Along with the photo, came this pleading of a mom’s heart:

“I am reaching out to ask if you would pray for my daughter who is now 15. We spent much of this last year just trying to keep her alive as we journeyed a road of depression, self harm and suicide. The enemy's grip on our girl is overwhelming. Just a week ago she came to us to share that she is pansexual. We are now journeying through what it means to love her and care for her and walk down this new - very unfamiliar- very heartbreaking road.”

Sadly, I’m getting letters like this on a weekly basis from mothers. In a world where gender is fluid, it is critical that we teach our daughters what the Bible instructs about the importance of maleness and femaleness. The book of Genesis teaches us that our gender is a significant way in which we glorify God and reflect His image to this lost world. (Genesis 1:27) We must protect the integrity of our biological sex. That’s why I have a special invitation and prayer request to share with you.

Here’s My Invitation..

Thankfully, the mother who wrote to me tuned into a Revive Our Hearts conference I helped facilitate with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. And there she heard the hope-filled story of Laura Perry Smalts, who lived in terrible gender confusion for more than a decade. But God set her free with His truth.

I will not soon forget the power of God’s hope pouring over women as I stood on stage next to Laura (and Mary Kassian) while she prayed over women whose loved ones are deeply confused.


What you cannot see in this photo is how many women were standing to ask for prayer. Tears flowed freely, but so did hope. That’s what happens when we expose ourselves to both truth-filled stories of redemption and the Truth of God’s Word.

That’s why True Girl is hosting an online workshop for parents featuring  Laura Perry Smalts. We want to equip you to talk to your kids about gender.

Do you have questions about when and how to talk to your children about gender? The topic can be confusing and polarizing, dividing friends and families. If you’re a parent who feels ill-equipped to talk to your son or daughter, we want to help. This workshop will equip you to stand in the conviction of God’s Truth about gender and to reach out in compassion to those who are struggling with confusion. You’ll gain the clarity and courage to talk to your children about a confusing topic.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gender

November 15th • 6:30-8:30 pm ET

An online parenting workshop presented by True Girl

I want you to ask you to pray for two things.

First, pray that mothers (and fathers) are given hope and courage if there is a battle already waging. As the mom who wrote to me shared, hearing Laura’s story restored hope. She wrote this to me:

As I tuned into the Live Stream I sat and wept as Laura shared her story and the panel you were part of after.

But hope rose up in her. And then, she asked me to pray for her daughter (who, let me remind you, claims to be pansexual). I'm asking if you would join me in prayer for her and other moms facing similar challenges. This woman wrote:

I know you must receive endless emails and requests...but I just thought I would ask for one more name to be added to your prayers. My prayer is that when God gets her heart the seeds we (your ministry/our home/our church) have planted in her will show themselves and she will remember the God of her childhood.

Again, I have countless emails like this! Please pray with me about this important crisis.

My second prayer request is that you would join me in asking God’s Holy Spirit to supernaturally protect the hearts and minds of those who join us for this online workshop and for every mom who has written to me this year asking for intercession.

Will you pray with me?


P.S. Here is a link to Laura Perry’s testimony and a conversation that Mary Kassian and I had with her for Revive Our Hearts. I think it will encourage and equip you as you interface with conversations on this important topic.



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