Three Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter About Gender

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By Dannah Gresh, Founder of True Girl

What are you teaching your daughters about womanhood? Your granddaughters? Gender is such a spiritual battlefield in the hearts and lives of the next generation.

I am a woman.

I know this is true because I carry XX chromosomes. I can produce ovum or egg cells—female gamete’s if you want to get scientific. These factors and others make me a woman because they have been part of the standard or original against which we judge our biological sex.

This was largely uncontested until about 1955 when one simple introduction of a word started shaking the foundation of simple manhood and womanhood, bringing us to the cataclysmic earthquakes we’re having today as we try to figure out “what” we are. What word was introduced? Gender. Sexologist John Money introduced the word “gender” to offer a distinction between biological sex and the preference a person might have for how they play out their role in that sex. It really didn’t catch on until the 1970s, when the Feminist movement grabbed on to it and held tight in their efforts to break down differentiation between masculinity and femininity.

It’s been quite a ride ever since.

Somewhere along the way, we added the word “preference”, and gender preference—not biological sex— is the new status quo. Just a few years ago, Facebook offered at least fifty-six options in the event that you don’t feel you are either male or female. They include “transgender,” (for those who feel their gender is different than their sex organs would suggest) “gender fluid,” (in case you like to go both ways) “male to female/mtf” (meaning a sex change is in the making), and you could add a suggestion if you could not find one of the fifty-six that fit your preference. That must have been too much to keep up with. These days you can just fill in the blank if you don’t fit the female or male option on Facebook.

Please don’t write to Facebook and complain.

My point is not for us to boycott anyone, but to admit that we’ve lost our standard of truth. It’s being erased. And with it, we have lost our body confidence because we no longer understand the purpose of our bodies, and cannot conform our living to it.

We must clearly and consistently communicate Truth to our children. Otherwise, our silence becomes a megaphone for the world’s distorted messages about what it means to be male or female.

We’re here to help you succeed!

That’s why True Girl is hosting an online workshop for parents featuring  Laura Perry Smalts. I'll be presenting on the three things every parent needs to tell their kids about gender based on God's Word. We want to equip you to talk to your kids about gender.

Do you have questions about when and how to talk to your children about gender? The topic can be confusing and polarizing, dividing friends and families. If you’re a parent who feels ill-equipped to talk to your son or daughter, we want to help. This workshop will equip you to stand in the conviction of God’s Truth about gender and to reach out in compassion to those who are struggling with confusion. You’ll gain the clarity and courage to talk to your children about a confusing topic.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gender

November 15th • 6:30-8:30 pm ET

An online parenting workshop presented by True Girl




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