Ten Christ-Centered Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

By Aubrey

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It's that time of year again. While we love getting our girls fun Christmas gifts, it's also important to get gifts that will help feed her spirit. We know it can be hard to find gifts like that for tween girls, so here are a few ideas from our own ministry and some we love a whole lot!

1. The True Girl Subscription Box

Meet the True Girl subscription box: your daughter’s new Bible Study BFF. Intentionally packed with your tween (7-12) girl in mind, it’s full of daily devos to get her in the Word, mom+daughter dates that get you connecting, and exclusive bonus items from True Girl and other ministries we trust! It’s the most fun you’ll ever have digging into God’s Word together at home.

The True Girl subscription includes:

  • Truth-filled resources centered around an age-appropriate topic
  • Creative opportunities to discover biblical Truth together
  • Plans for fun and engaging mom+daughter dates
  • Daily devotions written with your daughter in mind

We ship a new box every 60 days. If you subscribe by December 10th, your first box will arrive in time to put it under the Christmas tree!


2. Miriam: Becoming a Girl of Courage 

Our newest True Girl Bible Study written just for tween girls features Miriam.

Miriam was given one of the world’s hardest babysitting jobs: to hide her infant brother in the Nile River while danger lurked. Her quick thinking protected little Moses and helped him rise to greatness in Egypt. Then Miriam played a supporting role while Moses led God’s people out of slavery to freedom. That all seemed to go pretty well . . . until it made her jealous. (Can you say sibling rivalry?) Miriam’s life reminds us that a True Girl practices courageous leadership right now because a leader is what she’s becoming. And though the best leaders are often imperfect, God offers us a second chance to get things right.

True Girl Bible Studies feature important women from the Bible so that from their examples, we can learn what it looks like to be a True Girl. Each study is designed to help moms lead their daughters deeply into the Word of God so they can develop a steady love for Scripture. Together, moms and daughters can discover what it means to be a True Girl after God’s own heart.

3. For Girls Like You Magazine

Our daughters are growing up and wanting “to know” and be in “the know.” They are dying to watch the shows that their friends are talking about.  They are doing their best to imitate their BFFs and want to have on trendy clothes just like “so and so”.  Even if they aren’t hearing it in your home, they are beginning to memorize the latest pop songs on radio. While there may be nothing wrong with any of these things in and of themselves, they should not be the driving force behind our daughter’s identity. Think about it. What and who is defining the wants of our little girls?

As a part of the solution, For Girls Like You has removed the contradicting perspectives, questionable advertisements and negative images, in order to provide a safe environment for our girls to freely explore their God-given passions with the For Girls Like You Magazine!


4. The Ringleaders Bundle

A Ringleader is what we call the amazing women of the New Testament! In Ringleaders your young reader will learn the real-life superpowers of Prayer, Patience, Bravery, Loyalty, and Leadership. The story of Jesus will jump off the pages for each boy or girl who reads these stories. Ringleaders put strong, biblical women front and center teaching your children how to have a deep relationship with God!

This Ringleaders bundle makes the perfect gift ! These fun Christian storybooks are great for early readers aged 6-8 and independent readers ages 9-11. Take your girl on an unforgettable adventure to meet six extraordinary women from the New Testament.


5. Lies Girls Believe and A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe

Today’s girls face a number of challenges we never dealt with at their age. From skyrocketing anxiety rates to bullying on social media, the Enemy’s lies are everywhere. How do you help the girl you love walk in freedom?

Equip her with Truth. Dannah Gresh brings you Lies Girls Believe, a fun, easy-to-read book that engages your daughter in the twenty most important truths she needs. She’ll help solve problems using fun sidebars, and it’s packed with wisdom, quizzes, games, exploded quotes, and graphics to help her absorb the message. Prepare your daughter for

 the difficult challenges she’ll face in the world today with sections addressing lies about God, friendship, the future, herself, boys,and more!

Bundle it with the companion guide to Lies Girls Believe, A Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe will help you walk with your daughter through what she is facing and invites you to critically examine the lies girls believe and discover how to set your daughter free. It also helps facilitate discussion between you and your daughter.

The Mom’s Guide provides research, cultural trends, and case studies about the problems tween girls face, but also offers encouragement and biblical insight to empower you to talk with your daughter about God’s truth. Together, this book gives you the tools you need to start important conversations at an age-appropriate pace.

6. I Am Yours

Prayers how to pray and what she can pray for to strengthen five of the most important relationships in her life—her relationship with God, herself, her family, her friends, and the world around her.  that will change your daughter’s life with the I Am Your daily devotional. This book will help your daughter learn when and why and



7. Bible Belles Book Bundle

Looking for great books for girls today? You’ve found them!

Finding quality books for kids can be a daunting and difficult process. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “Where are all the great girl books?”, you will love this series. Follow Rooney Cruz on the adventure of a lifetime to discover what real life and leadership are all about with stories about women from the Bible. We’re combating the negative messages of the world by creating Christian books for kids that teach them to know their value, live on purpose, and make a difference.

8. You’re God’s Girl Planner

Help her stay organized and inspired with this fun and colorful planner that provides a place where your daughter can write down assignments, events, and appointments. It’s also designed to encourage her spiritual growth and allow her space to express herself. 

This fun and inspiring planner will help your daughter organize all her schoolwork and activities, dream about her year ahead, and discover God’s purpose for her life.

9. It’s Great to Be a Girl 

In this fun and down-to-earth handbook for girls ages 7 to 12, you and the tween girl you love will find answers to questions about your changing body, including…

  • what physical changes to expect and how to handle them
  • tips on hair care, makeup, nutrition, exercise, and more
  • how to use your body to fulfill your highest purpose—bringing glory to God.

This fun-to-use book on all the “girl stuff” headed your way introduces your daughter to the beauty of her body from a rich Bible-based perspective. She can look forward to what God has planned for her because...it’s great to be a girl!

10. Our Truth-Processing Journal

The purpose of this journal is to help your daughter write something a little different that the average “dear diary” entry! With the help of our Marvelous, Sensational, Super Truth-Processing Journal your daughter can:

  • write thoughts about what she is learning in God’s Word.
  • take notes when her pastor is teaching.
  • keep track of what she's thankful for.

This Truth-processing journal is an interactive tool for your daughter to use as she builds her faith in Jesus Christ. There is so much to discover when she puts her thinking cap on and digs into God’s Word. We hope it helps your daughter find the Truth that will stick with her throughout her whole life!

Whether you choose one or all of these great gifts, come Christmas morning, your daughter will be thrilled with gifts that will help her grow closer to God this year. 


Plus, shop the True Girl store right now enjoy 25% off on everything (excluding boxes and tickets)! 



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