Will Your Daughter Pass this Girl Drama Quiz?

By Hannah Price

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Today we’re sharing a freebie from Lies Girls Believe by Dannah Gresh that we think will be a quick and easy tool to get critical conversations started with your girl!

Okay, it’s not a literal polygraph test that deciphers whether her alibi checks out.

This test detects a different type of lie: the kind that Eve faced in the Garden of Eden. Our girls today are still struggling with those same types of lies, only now they aren’t protected in the perfect setting of the Garden. It’s so much easier for the enemy to weasel his way through this modern landscape.

Maybe you see your daughter with some of the world’s lies and you don’t know how to free her from them in a lasting way. Maybe you aren’t sure what lies she’s believing to begin with. This is a huge burden to tackle as a mom, and it’s exactly why Dannah Gresh created Lies Girls Believe as a resource to help you guide your daughters in how to stand firm in God’s Truth!

Based on an extensive research survey of over 1,500 Christian tween girls, Lies Girls Believe hits at the heart of what girls today are facing and teaches them the life-long skill of looking to the Bible to discover what God has to say about their struggle! This is one tool you don't want to miss.

Ready for a way to start planting Truth today?

Download this free sample of Lies Girls Believe, including our girl drama quiz (aka our lie detector test)! Give this to your daughter today for an instant conversation-starter and see what comes up. This is an easy, exciting, and digestible activity to get your girl doing the work of uncovering what lies she's believing!


Want to see your daughter master the art of replacing the world’s lies with God’s truth? Join Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph for a live online mother-daughter Bible study walking through Lies Girls Believe and the Truth that sets them free. This study puts you in the driver's seat of your daughter’s worldview and creates opportunities for important conversations on tough topics to happen effortlessly. You’ll get to see your girl’s heart heal from past lies and protect her from future lies she will face. Register now at mytruegirl.com/momdaughterstudy



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