Are your daughter's words like sand or glitter?

By Dannah Gresh

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By Hildsy Marie

Are your daughter's words more like sand or glitter? And why does it matter?

Growing up in my home, sparkles were a necessity! My mom dedicated an entire drawer to glitter. These sparkles were only supposed to be used for arts and crafts, but they undoubtedly became the object of many crazy-hair experiments, nail-art mishaps, and once in a while they unknowingly snuck their way into our food. Once they’re out, sparkles get everywhere!

Sand on the other hand was not allowed NEAR our home. Before we could place one foot inside the doorway, we had to rinse off. After drying off, we had to run to the shower just in case any devious particles snuck their way in. Inevitably, they did.

Both sparkles and sand get EVERYWHERE, yet (in my opinion!) one of them is much more pleasant than the other. The same applies to our words:

“Do everything without grumbling and arguing, so that you may be blameless and pure, children of God who are faultless in a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you shine like stars in the world …

Philippians 2:14-15

This verse calls us to be lights in the midst of darkness and gives us a pretty practical way to put this into practice: our words.

What we say pervades our surroundings just as sparkles and sand do. What we say trails behind us and will permeate our surroundings. It is our choice to either “leave a little sparkle” or “leave a little sand” wherever we go. What determines which we leave behind? Ultimately, we are able to “leave a little sparkle” “by holding firm to the word of life.” It is only by clinging to Jesus that our sin-shattered words are transformed into life-giving utterances.

If ever our world needed believers to stand out and shine, it's now. The world is growing darker. Do you feel it? We sure do. Let's stand together to shine for Christ by obeying His Word. Let's "do everything without grumbling and arguing." Let's "shine like stars!" Starting in our home homes.

This month, True Girl is offering a Mom+Daughter No-Grumble November Challenge! Every single day, you’ll agree to:

  • Do everything without grumbling or complaining. 
  • Speak life and “leave a little sparkle” by doing the activity of the day on the True Girl No-Grumble November calendar. (A free downloadable.)

Hope you’ll join us!

Take the Mom+Daughter No-Grumble November Challenge!

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