Get Ready For a Crazy Night
of Mom+Daughter Connection


Bring a fun and power night for tween girls and their mom to your church. Teach daughters how to stand up for their faith and be totally crazy for Jesus!

Being crazy for Jesus means saying "NO" to the crowd...and that takes a lot of courage! We've created the True Girl Crazy Hair Tour to teach your girl how to courageously be who God made her to be and not who the world wants her to be.

Loved by more than 400,000 moms+daughters

What do these events look like?

2.5 hours of biblical Truth you'll remember forever!

Mom+Daughter Connection

Grow closer to your daughter while you both grow closer to Jesus.

Practical Bible Teaching

Equip her with the courage to stand out in the crowd for Jesus!

Fun And Games

Get ready for hilarious games and TWO fashion shows.

Impact Tween Girls with Biblical Truth!

Girls were meant to stand out and be crazy for Jesus!

I personally design each part of the True Girl live event to put mothers in the driver’s seat of their daughter’s Truth encounter. No one knows her better. God has instructed parents—not authors, children’s pastors, or Christian educators—to form their moral foundation.

Dannah Gresh

Founder of True Girl

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are receiving messages from moms all over the country about conversations they’re having with their 7-12 year old girls they never dreamed they’d be having at such a young age. These are women in your church and in your community. It’s clear that we can’t wait until our girls are teenagers to help them understand the importance of knowing the difference between God’s Truth and the lies that surround them in the world. This event helps tween girls connect with God’s Word while they connect with their mom - a powerful combo in helping them thrive in their faith.

The event features live music, interactive mom+daughter games, a fashion show, engaging Bible teaching and more! It’s a night of clear biblical truth wrapped in a package tween girls and their moms will never forget. 

At each True Girl event, girls learn and understand that their value and worth is found in Jesus, not in who our culture says they should be. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly given at each event and it’s beautiful to see girls accept the free gift of salvation. We receive stories all the time from moms and daughters who have been impacted by the event for Jesus. Here are a few:

Kaitelyn, TG Attendee “...I accepted Jesus into my heart at the True Girl conference when I was eight. Now I want to get baptized!!”

Tabitha, TG Attendee “A memory etched in my heart forever! True Girl is a must for every little girl!”

Kristin, TG Attendee  “What a fun night. My daughter wants to know when we can go back!”

Kimberly, TG Attendee “What a beautiful experience with my daughter last night! She still can’t stop talking about it!”

Susan, TG Attendee “We had so much fun! Hannah is already asking to go again.”

Randelle, TG Attendee “True Girl is a game changer!”

Viennese, TG Attendee  “My daughter loved it so much! Thank you for such an amazing experience we will cherish forever!”

The cost of an event varies from location to location based on what we decide with you. This is a typically ticketed event, meaning that the cost of the event is covered through ticket sales, merchandise sales and donations to the ministry. For many locations, cost is limited to hotels and food for our team of eleven. We do accept a freewill offering at the event. 

Some locations prefer to buy the event outright for a flat fee. This allows them to control the ticket price, and in some cases make it a free event. True Girl always requires a ticket to attend the event, even for free admission, so that we can manage attendance based on venue capacity. All ticketing websites, ticketing (e-tickets and paper) are generally managed by our team.

True Girl Crazy Hair Tour events come in all sizes! Generally we like spaces that can accommodate at least 500, although some events can have as many as 1,600 moms and daughters in attendance.

Yes. We ask for volunteers who can help with load in, load out, set up, merchandising, act as prayer partners/ushers, etc. All volunteers are led by experienced members of our team.

True Girl travels with much of our own equipment (sound board, lighting rig, video equipment and production staff). We typically use a church's/venue’s house PA system and additional venue lighting. Our team will coordinate with the host venue about any sound, power or lighting needs. But for the most part, we bring most of what is needed to an event.

We will communicate with you in detail regarding all volunteer expectations/needs prior to setting up an event, leading up to the event and on the day of the event.

Our goal is that this be an outreach event for moms and daughters in the community! At church hosted True Girl events, typically only a low percentage of attendees are from the host church. The Crazy Hair Tour obtains ad space on local radio stations, runs extensive social media campaigns targeted to your area, and also runs a snail mail campaign (sending promo material out to local organizations).

Your partnership is crucial in getting the word out. We ask that you help get the word out in your local church/organization by sharing our promotional material in the months leading up to an event. We also ask that you get the word out in your community and to local organizations/churches.

True Girl Events are specifically geared towards tween girls ages 7-12 and include key moments for you to get to interact with your daughter. On that note: we strongly encourage moms, dads, grandmas, and any role model who wants to impact a little girls’ life to come along and see what these events are all about.

We know many of your girls have grown up loving our ministry and events, but don’t fall into the True Girl age range anymore. That’s why we’re in the process of planning a teen event that they’ll be sure to love too! We can’t wait to share more about this with you soon. For now, you can check out our teen resources and online Bible studies at

Speakers from the True Girl team! Occasionally Best Selling Author, Speaker and creator of True Girl, Dannah Gresh will speak at the event.

Upbeat and reflective well known worship songs that all point to Jesus! In addition, fun original True Girl music that will encourage your girls that their true identity and beauty is found in Jesus, not the culture around them. Sample some of our original music here!

The show runs 2 1/2 hours with a 15-20 minute intermission.

The True Girl Crazy Hair Tour is an interdenominational event. People from every denomination are welcome and will leave feeling encouraged and inspired.

Ready for a night that will change a tween girl's life?

It's clear that we can't wait until our girls are teenagers to help them understand the importance of knowing the difference between God's Truth and the lies that surround them in the world.

For the last 16 years, True Girl events have hosted 400,000 moms and daughters and witnessed 10,000 tweens girls make first time decisions for Christ. Full of live music, a fashion show, mother daughter connection time and practical teaching, the "True Girl Crazy Hair Tour" is a night of clear Biblical truth wrapped in a package tween girls will never forget!

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