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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Disappointment?

By Dannah Gresh, Founder of True Girl

She tried out but didn't make the team. She did her best and still lost. An adult she admired let her down. Exciting plans fell through. Her BFF broke a promise.

It's time to talk about it straight up, but how? Sometimes as a mom, I feel absolutely paralyzed by the pain of watching my children face disappointment. Quite frankly, I hate it and want to just manipulate circumstances to shield them but that would only make the hurt worst. Disappointments are a part of life. Forever. It is important that we equip our daughters with the ability to remain stable in such circumstances, as opposed to shielding her from them. Otherwise, the winds of this world will blow them away in their adult years. Here are four simple tips.

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How Do I Talk to My Daughter About Being Boy Crazy?

By Dannah Gresh, founder of True Girl

Girls have been screaming for boys at concerts ever since Elvis and his "pelvis" rocked on to the world stage. The only difference is that today they get crazy about YouTube influencers. If you don't love that, it's ok! The feeling you're getting right now probably isn't just a mother's hunch. It's God's Spirit speaking to you about what could put your daughter's heart at risk of being broken. Let me show you just how high the stakes are before we talk about how to talk to your daughter about boy craziness.

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